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201.– Do you know where Mary is?

--- She has gone away ____ the weekend.

A. at    B. on    C. during    D. for

202._____ the office work, he came to the sitting room and relaxed a while.

A. Finishing    B. Being finished    C. Having finished   D. Finished

203.Meeting _________, managers left the room one by one.

A. finishing    B. being finished   C. having finished   D. finished

204._______ in the Kooris for years, I decided to learn their langyage.

A. Being interested            B. interesting

C. Having interested           D. To be interested

205.From the classroom window we saw a huge snake _____ the yard.

A. crossing   B. cross    C. across     D. having crossed


206.– Why not take _______ friend with you? Then you can share ______ cost of the car.

--- That sounds like a good idea.

A. a; a    B. the; the    C. a; the    D. the; a

207.– I am sorry to have shouted at you. I didn’t mean to be so rude.

--- You were very angry. Anyway,  __________.

A. you’re welcome     B. that’s right    C. it doesn’t matter   D. I’m sorry about that

208.– How often do you go to see your parents?

--- __________.

A. In no time   B. After a while   C. In a short time    D. From time to time

209.They believe that the spirit stays with the body for three days, ______someone always stays with the dead person.

A. so during this time     B. so during which

C. during this time        D. so when

210.Because it was snowing hard, buses could _________ get through, _____did taxi appear on the street.

A. both; and     B. either; or    C. not only; but also    D. neither; nor

211.No dictionary can ______all the English idioms.

A. tell     B. show       C. say      D. cover

212.As a writer, she succeeded in calling ______ to many of the terrible wrongs that existed at that time.

A. interest     B. attention      C. notice       D. mind

213.He who is proud of his wealth has rarely _____else to be proud of.

A. anything    B. something    C. everything   D. nothing

214.– She was in clas on Friday afternoon, but no one has seen her since.

---She _____ an accident.

A. might have   B. might have had    C. may have   D. ought to have had

215.The city ____ by an army of 600 men was difficult to take.

A. defending   B. to defend    C. having defended    D. defended

o fifths of the police _____ in the school near the town.

A. has trained   B. have trained    C. has been trained   D. have been trained

217.We would like to go and thank him ourselves, but we _____ out his address yet.

A. haven’t found   B. hadn’t found   C. didn’t find   D. don’t find

218.Was it because it snowed last night ____ he didn’t come?

A. why   B. that      C. when        D. then

219.The purpose of the research had a more important meaning for them than ______.

A. ours    B.  with us      C. for ours it had     D. it did for us

220.Believe it or not, he came _______.

A. drunk home last night        B. home last night drunk

C. home drunk last night        D. last night home drunk

221.Work starts every day at 7 a.m. and goes on until late afternoon _____ a break at midday .

A. by   B. with  C. for       D. after

222.Perhaps this is the only market ____ you can get such cheap goods.

A. that     B. of which       C. by which        D. where

223.We _______ at the house as we _______ of buying it.

A. looked; were thinking           B. looked; had thought

C. were looking; thought           D. were looking; were thinking

224.– Did you enjoy the book?

--- Yes, it was so interesting that I couldn’t _____ it.

A. get rid of   B. break away from    C. keep away from   D. tear myself away from

225._____ all the inventions have in common is ____ they have succeeded.

A. What; what   B. That; that   C. What; that     D. That; what


226.One of the orders that we received was that we ______ there on time.

A. get      B. got to    C. arrived       D. would get

227.Thank you very much. Without your help, I _______the exams.

A. could not pass               B. could not have passed

C. did not pass                 D. could not passed

228.We have already placed an order ____ that company _____ the machines.

A. for; with     B. for ; for    C. with; for     D. to; with

229.He is _____ an American as an apple pie.

A. so      B. the same       C. as the       D. as

230.We all look forward ____ your beautiful country.

A. to visiting    B. to visit     C. to      D. visiting

231._______, I cannot accept your invitation. Hopefully, we’ll get together some time next year.

A. To my regret     B. To regret    C. Regretted     D. For my regret

232.– You should not have said that to her. It hurt her.

--- I know. I regret ___________.

A. to have done that       B. to do that     C. having done that    D. I have done that

233.– Shall I give you a hand?

---I can handle it. ______.

A. Thank you     B. Thank you all the same   C. it doesn’t matter   D. That’s all right

234.– Did you telephone the manager’s office?

---Yes. He _______ back by noon .

A. was expected    B. expected    C. is expecting    D. is expected

235.________, he has finished his job ahead of time.

A. As is expected               B. Which is expected

C. It is expected                D. It is as expected

236.I’d like _______ trip to Shanghai . Do you want to go with me?

A. to have another                    B. having

C. taking                           D. to make another

237.– I like your house very much.

--- Thank you, but this house is ________.

A. badly in need of paint           B. bad in need of painting

C. badly in needing of paint         D. badly in need of painting

238.________, no one is sure who discovered America .

A. As a matter of fact          B. As the fact of matter

C. As the matter of fact         D.As a factual matter

239.As I ______, I suddenly remembered that it was your birthday.

A. to feed my cats         B. am feeding my cats

C. had feed my cats       D. was feeding my cats

240.The history of nursing ___ the history of man.

A. as old as             B. is old, also old

C. that is as old as        D. is as old as

241.– Do you enjoy listening to records?

--- I think records are often ______ an actual performance.

  A. as good as or better than      B. as good or better than

  C. like good or better than       D. as good as any other

242.– Does this bus go to the 84th street?

--- No, 30th street is _______.

 A. the rather the bus will go     B. as far as the bus goes

 C. only so far as the bus is going  D. far as the bus is going

243._______, you can stay the whole summer.

A. Whoever it concerned       B. As far as I’m concerned

C. As you are concerned       D. Concerning you and me

244.My glasses cost me ______ the lost pair that I bought.

A. times three               B. three times more than

C. three times as much as      D. as much three times as

245.– Do you regret paying fifty dollars for the dog?

--- No, I would gladly have paid ____ for him.

A. as much twice         B. twice so much

C. much twice           D. twice as much


246.He is always the first ______ and last ___________.

A. to come; to leave          B. coming; leaving

C. to come; leaving          D. coming; to leave

247.I was about to leave the house ____the telephone rang.

A. before    B. when     C. while      D. after

248.Remember, when you _____your work, you might go out and play.

A. finished    B. will finish   C. have finished   D. had finished

249. Phoenix is a very nice city with plants and flowers ___the year round.

A. grown    B. planted     C. planting    D. growing

250.– How much did you pay for that?

--- I paid _____ that you paid.

A. half the money   B. half     C. the halves    D. a half

251.More than one girl _____, as we expect.

A. has come   B. had come     C. came     D. have come

252.As we all know, two thirds of the earth’s surface is water, ___ a lot of fish.

A. provided    b. providing   C. which provides   D. it provides

253.Jack is the ______- child in the family; he wants to have a brother.

A. one    B. single   C. only     D. separate

254.Only in this way, directed by the teacher, ______work out the problem the day before.

A. had they   B. they could    C. could they     D. did they

255.Hw went swimming on a hot day, ________.

A. only to be drowned       B. so as to be drowned

C. in order to be drowned     D. so that he could be drowned

256.The wounded policeman ____though doctors made every effort to save him.

A. died    B. had died    C. killed     D. has been dead

257.– Could you tell me where Mr. Smith lives?

--- Well, he is ______here. He passed away three years ago.

A. no longer   B. no more    C. not more    D. not longer

258.Your bicycle looks _____ as mine. When did you get it?

A. same    B. like     C. the same    D. /

the country area about one in ten ______ have enough to eat.

A. haven’t    B. aren’t    C. hadn’t    D. didn’t

260.Now the city is ______ it used to be.

A. three times as large as        B. three time larger as

C. larger as three times as        D. as three times larger than

261.The buildings of this style can be seen _________.

A. all of Europe                 B. all over Europe

C. all the Europe                D. all European

262.30 % of the young trees, attacked by diseases, ________pine trees.

A. is   B. are    C. was     D. has been

263.Tomato, which used to be called “love-apple”, is not ____but ______.

A. fruit; vegetable   B. fruit; a vegetable   C. a fruit; a vegetable   D. a fruit; vegetables

264.-- _______ do you have in this season?

--- You can have anything you want.

A. What fruit    B. Which fruit    C. Which fruits   D. What fruits

265.The letter _____London, May 24th, 1898 .

A. is dated from   B. was dated in  C. dated in   D. dated from


266._____-Maria will come to the party makes no difference.

A. Whether  B. If    C. That    D. How

267._____ has been reported _____ sales of beef in China will increase.

A. It; which   B. It; that    C. What; that    D. That; that

268.– What _______to stop this world _____hungry?

--- Birth control.

A. can be done; to go           B. we do; going

C. can be done; going           D. will happen; going

269.We _______-word from him so far. Where could he be?

A. don’t have   B. haven’t any    C. have no    D. have had no

270.His idea is ______ you’d better ____ a jar of jam at home.

A. that; keep     B. that; not to get   C. which; keep   D. which; not to get

271.Products made in this factory ____ well; they have sold ___all their products.

A. sell; out   B. are sold; over   C. sell; off   D. are sold; away

272.Farmers grow crops either to ____their family ___to sell.

A. feed; and   B. feed; or   C. supply; or   D. supply; nor

273.If you offer him some help this time, since he once helped you, that would be ____.

A. equal     B. more equal     C. fairer     D. more fair

274.If ________ guests we have, we would need ___ food.

A. more; less   B. fewer; more   C. few; less    D. fewer; less

275.The problem with people in Africa ____that the more is given and the more ______.

A. is; is needed   B. are; is needed   C. is; they need it  D. are; they need it

276.The reason ___ he is absent is ___he has a bad cold.

A. why; that   B. why; because   C. that; because   D. for; that

277._______ people died ______ starvation that year will never happen.

A. That; of   B. That; from   C. What; from   D. How; of

278.________ hard it might be,  I will work it out.

A. Whatever    B. How    C. However    D. What

279.You may give this message to _________ is at office.

A. who    B. whom   C. whomever     D. whoever

280.You may have one of these; in other words, you have ______ you choose.

A. whichever    B. what    C. no matter what   D. no matter which

281.They say in many western countries a large number of beef cattle ________.

A. are raised    B. is raised   C. is risen     D. rise

282.He is ______ to come back tonight. Then we’ll have a small party.

A. most like   B. most likely    C. mostly like   D. very much like

283.________cash crops will be produced next year is not yet decided.

A. It    B. What    . C. That    D. Which

284.90 % of the debts _______ so far.

A. is paid back    B. have been paid off   C. has been paid off   D. are paid off

order to repay the money they borrowed, 60 % of the farmers _____cash crops.

A. are forced growing           B. is forced growing

C. grows                     D. grow


286.______life in a new country can be difficult, it can broadcast a person’s view of the world.

A. If    B. Although    C. Because    D. While

287.– Have you seen ______ workers pass by?

--- Yes, I’ve seen ____ them.

A. woman; hundreds of             B. women; hundreds of

C. woman; two hundred of          D. women; hundred of


---Thank you. I will.

A. I wish you happiness            B. I greatly appreciate our friendship

C. May I help you?                D. Remember me to your family

289.It was five o’clock in the afternoon ____they arrived at the hotel.

A. since     B. before    C. that     D. when

290.You’d better change another book because ___page of the book is torn, and ______cover looks old.

A. the; the     B. a; a        C. a; the        D. the; a

291._______ that everyone stared at him.

A. Too rude is he   B. So rude was he    C. Such rude he was   D. So rude he was

292.There were two small rooms in the house, ____served as kitchen.

A. the smaller of which       B. the small of which

C. the smaller of them        D. the smaller one

293.– Was the driving pleasant when you vacationed in Mexico last summer?

--- No, it _____for four days when we arrived, so that the roads were very muddy.

A. was raining                  B. had been raining

C. would be raining              D. have rained

294.Hillen used to be very shy but she has grown _______it now.

A. without     B. over       C. away    D. out of

295.– Did you notice John was not at work today?

--- No. If _____working, I would have noticed it.

A. I’d be    B. I wasn’t     C. I’d been     D. I weren’t

296.– I can’t get my car ___on cold winter mornings.

---Have you tried _____ the radiator with hot water?

A. started; to fill   B. starting; to fill    C. start; filling   D. to start; filling

297.The building _____ in our school is for us teachers. Though there’s noise most of day, we still feel happy about it .

A. built    B. has been built     C. being built     D. to be built

298.It is no longer a question now _____ man can land on the moon.

A. that   B. if    C. whether    D. what

299.Some people believe that giving gifts is one way ____by others.

A. to love    B. love    C. to be loved     D. is loved

300.Jenny ______ with him at that time, for I was having dinner with her in my home.

A. can’t have been           B. mustn’t have been

C. must be                 D. may be

301.– Why does everyone like him?

---Because he always ______ a good after-dinner joke.

A. tells     B. talks        C. states       D. says

302.–your daughter must be pretty.

--- But to tell you the truth, she is ____being such a beauty as you can imagine.

A. far from     B. as well as  C. as a result of   D. by means of

303.The boy _____ he took notes.

A. listened with attention             B. listening attentively while

C. listened attentively before          D. listening with attention

304.– Shall I tell Ann how to improve for painting?

---Yes, but ____ of suggestions may discourage her.

A. a too long list            B. too long a list

C. list too long             D. a list of too long

305.However ________, the native people do have something in common.

A. hard     B. ordinary     C. different    D. poor


306.People sell their products ____advertisement in the newspaper.

A. by putting an             B. to put an

C. by putting a              D. putting an

307.I _______ him to stop smoking, but failed.

A. persuaded              B. tried to persuade

C. try persuading           D. tried persuading

308.Thanks is a common _____ used in English. You can never use it too much.

A. word      B. words  C. expression     D. expressing

309.I don’t think I will agree ____ you ______this point.

A. with; with     B. on; on  C. with; to   D. with; on

310.I don’t like the way ______ he talks; he is so rude.

A. that     B. which        C. where     D. in that

311.Could you keep silent a few minutes, please? You are here_________.

A. in a way    B. on the way      C. in my way     D. by the way

312.The climate here in the country _______; it rained almost every day.

A. didn’t agree with me        B. never agrees with me

C. doesn’t agree to me         D. I didn’t agree with

313.We are so _______ to see the same thing every day. Can’t you show us something______?

A. boring; interesting           B. bored; interested

C. boring; interested            D. bored; interesting

314.The movie, for one thing, is boring; for ______thing, it looks like ______.

A. another; another               B. the other; the other

C. another; the other              D. the other; another

315.Don’t worry about it. ____ time to learn English.

A. It spends    B. That takes   C. Which takes      D. It takes

316.– Tommy, you should be reading your Maths right now.

--- I know I ________.

A. should be     B. should      C. should have    D. did

317.–What ______you here, my old friend?

--- It’s you.

A. brought     B. has brought      C. takes      D. fetched

318.It would ______us a ____ time, but fortunately, we didn’t.

A. take; along B. take; longer    C. have taken; longer   D. have taken; long

319.The _____ of economic development in our country went well.

A. five year plan   B. five-year-plan   C. five-years-plan  D. five-year plan

320.-- __________office equipment been fixed yet?

--- Yes, we have everything now.

 A. Have     B.Has       C. Are        D. Is

321.You may find the answer _____ page 25.

A. at the top of               B. at the top

C. on the top of              D. on the top

322.We did the work ______, and as a result, we were taken in.

A. to their satisfaction          B. to their satisfied

C. satisfied                   D. to their satisfy

323.The advertisement ____ always ____ people’s attention.

A. in big print; pays          B. in big print; draws

C. with big print; pays        D. with big print; catches

324.A man may be known ______- he keeps.

A. by the man               B. by the woman

C. by the company           D. the firm

325.We have 24 offices, each ____computers.

A. is equipped with            B. equipped by

C. is equipped by              D. equipped with


326._____of modern agriculture, more and more waste is produced.

A. With the development         B. With the developing

C. By the development           D. By the developing

327.– Do you have any idea which to choose?

--- Well, you’d better take this one. It’s ______in price and good in quality.

A. lower     B. cheaper     C. high       D. higher

328.– What are you advertising ______?

---________. I need a place to stay at.

A. for; The house          B. to; A house

C. for; A flat              D. to; A room

329.Since advertising can increase sales of production, _____it can _____the price.

A. so; reduced   B. so; reduce    C. /; be reduced   D. / ; reduce

330.A dark cloud is a _______of rain.

A. sign      B. signing       C. mark     D. signature

331.Deaf people talk ________.

A. with signs   B. with sign language   C. by signs    D. by speaking sign language

332.Seeing the man on the bike with a boy at the front and the other at the back, the policeman signed _______stop.

A. to the man                     B. to the man to

C. for the man for                 D. to the man for

333.A ________may be given ____means of flags, lights, and guns.

A. sign; by   B. signal; in  C. signal; by    D. sign; in

334.There are many other ways to advertise _______ broadcast advertisements on radio and TV.

A. except        B. as well     C. beside     D. besides

335.– I spent $ 20 for this shirt. How much is yours?

--- I just paid ______.

A. half the money              B. half

B. halves                     D. the half money

336.As this apple is too big for her to eat, let’s cut it _____.

A. in half     B. in halves       C. into half      D. as a half

337.Part of the family _______ out on holiday. They are supposed to be back at the end of this week.

A. is    B. are    C. was      D. were

338.I know that half of ____ I spend _____ is wasted.

A. that; to advertising           B. what; to advertise

C. what; on advertising          D. what ; on advertise

339.It’s high time they ________ to reduce the cost of production.

A. take measures           B. took measuring

C. should take measuring    D. took measures

340.Please post this to us if you want to _________.

A. make your life easier       B. make life easy

C. take life easier             D. take your life easy

341. Readings of this sort have _____ on the children.

A. an ill effect    B. have a effect   C. a badly effect    D. affect

342.I’ve been waiting here____ morning; they haven’t showed up yet.

A. all the    B. the whole      C. whole      D. the all

343.– Is this the newspaper __________?

---Yes, it is.

A. of yesterday    B. yesterday’s   C. for yesterday    D. to yesterday

344.Mail or gifts posted by companies to customers ________ advertising.

A. are another   B. is the other   C. are other     D. is another

345.I don’t think I am ____ ; it is said that _______- is the mother of success.

A. a failure; failure           B. failure; a failure

C. a failure; a failure          D. failure; failure


the past five years Tomlison with his daughter _______all over the world.

A. has travelled   B. traveled   C. have traveled   D. were traveling

347.– Can you see what is written on that?

--- It _____”No Camping”.

A. reads      B. is read      C. writes        D. is reading

348.I am here not because I want to earn money ________I want to educate the children.

A. but  B. but because        C. but for        D. and because

349.Staring into his eyes, I could see a _______ look in his eyes.

A. puzzle   B. puzzling    C. puzzled    D. puzzley

350.The purpose of the advertisements is to ______people’s attention, _____them to buy the things.

A. pay; attract   B. draw; persuade   C. attract; persuade    D. attract; persuading

351.Generally speaking, children living in a city can not _____ ox ____ cow.

A. tell an; from a                    B. tell; from

C. tell a; from a                     D. tell; from a

352.A person will ____ remember the advertisement but not the name of the products.

A. possible to                 B. possibly

C. be possible to               D. be possibly to

353.Seeing from the foot of the mountain, clouds are seen beautifully ____over its top.

A. hung    B. hanged    C. hanging    D. being hung

354.– She isn’t feeling very well today.

---You’re right. ______ to have caught cold.

A. It appears                  B. It appears that

C. She appeared               D. She appears

355.He escaped from death, because he changed his plan _____ the last minute.

A. at    B. in    C. for    D. on

356.His life was devoted to _____the poor out.

A. helping   B. help    C. being helped    D. having helped

357._______by the noise, they had to finish the meeting early.

A. Being disturbed            B. Disturbed

C. Disturbing                D. Having disturbed

358.______by the sales figures, they decided to go out and ______.

A. Excited; to celebrate            B. Exciting; celebrate

C. Excited; celebrate              D. Exciting; celebrating

359.The news _____ them, they decided to go out for a celebration.

A. excites        B. excited       C. having excited    D. exciting

360.The old lady died from the _____on her head; she was _______when cleaning windows on the ladder when she fell off it.

A. injury; injured   B. wound; wound  C. wounded; hurt   D. hurt; injured

361.They made their way in the shop _______shoppers.

A. crowded with   B. crowded    C. crowding with     D. was crowded with

362.We must take some photographs ______the microcomputer.

A. for    B. of     C. with       D. from

363.He was about to leave ______the telephone rang; ______was from his mother.

A. when; that   B. before; which   C. when; it   D. before; this

364.This time last year I paid a visit ______Shandong which is 5000 kilometers _____.

A. for; far away   B. to; far away   C. for; away    D. to; away

365.Mrs Baker has her hair _____every Friday afternoon after work.

A. done     B. do     C. doing    D. being done


366.– What’s the date today?

---It’s _______.

A. Sunday      B. August the nineth    C. the first of May    D. October fifth

367.–Did Li Hua’s parents leave her any money?

--- No. She has to support _______by selling newspapers.

A. on her own   B. by herself   C. alone    D. herself

368.________arriving in Tibet , the soldiers at once joined them ____their work.

At; with    B. On; in   C. For; with   D. After; to

369.–When did the concert_____?

---Oh, two days ago.

A. happened     B. take place   C. hold    D. start

370.–Will you ______me ____out this problem myself?


A. make; work   B. permit; working   C. let; work   D. allow; work

371.–Did you find your new dictionary?

---Yes. I found it ____I had left it.

A. in where   B. in the place which

C. where     D. which

372.---There is a lot of smoke coming out of the teaching building.

---Really? It _____be a fire, most probably.

A. can       B. ought to    C. have to       D. must

373.______ has already been pointed out, grammar is not a set of dead rules.

A. As    B. It         C. That      D. This

374.Be sure to go to the concert with me, _____?

A. will you   B. aren’t you     C. mustn’t you     D. don’t you

375.Everybody in our country, men and women, old and young_____sports and games.

A. are fond of   B. enjoys    C. got in for    D. take part in

376.–Will you go to the exhibition tomorrow?

---Yes. I will go ____it’s windy.

A. if     B. even though    C. as soon as    D. as though

377.– I’m going to Qingdao . Would you mind looking after my dog?


A. Sorry, I have no time         B. I’d rather not

C. With pleasure               D. No, I wouldn’t

378. Hainan is _______-island.

A. China ’s second largest          B. the China ’s second largest

C. the second China ’s largest       D. China’s the second largest

379. – This is _____room I told you about.

   --- I see. Is it _______bright one?

A. a; a      B. the; a    C. the; the       D. a; the

380.The bus driver was badly ___on both legs in the traffic accident.

A. wounded    B. broken     C. injured     D. destroyed

381.Without your help, I _____the exam last term.

A. haven’t passed           B. wouldn’t pass

C. would have failed in       D. failed in

382. _________, so she had to be sent to hospital.

A. Being ill            B. Her mother was ill  

C. Her mother being ill   D. Having been ill  

383. --_________progress you have made this year!

   ---Thank you. But I have a long way to go.

A. What a good                B. How rapid

C. What great                  D. How big

384. – Tom spent his childhood in England . Is it true?

   --- No. It was in China ______he spent his childhood.

A. where     B. that        C. which        D. in which

385. ________he realized it was too late to return home.

A.      No sooner it grew dark than

B.      Hardly did it grow dark when

C.      It was not until dark that

D.     It was until dark that


386. This passage is ____A Tale of Two Cities.

A. taken from   B. brought from   C. taken into   D. brought into

387. I ________ him for a foreigner. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

A. have taken  B. took    C. take    D. had taken

388. I want to change my desk. It _______too much room.

A. took up    B. has been taken up   C. takes up   D. is taken up

389. A reminder is something which reminds somebody______somebody or something else.

A. from   B. for   C. with   D. of

390. Please make a note ______ you have any questions when reading.

A. where   B. in which   C. which   D. that

391. Did she make a mark ______she found the word?

A. where   B. in which   C. which   D. that

392. For little kids, drawing is ____.

A. necessary done   B. necessarily done

C. necessary to do   D. necessarily to do

393. It’s hard for people to make their way ________.

A. in the rushing hours       B. at the rushing hours

C. at the rush hours          D. on the rush hours

394. The children were packing up in a hurry, for the night ________.

A. draws near          B. drew nearer

C. was drawn near      D. drew near

395. – He looks as if he _____the answer.

   --- He has.

A. has known   B. knows     C. had known   D. knew

396. – You seem to have learnt it by heart.

--- Yes, I_________.

   A. seem   B. have    C. do    D. did

397. There _____an old tree here. I wonder how they could manage to remove such an old tree.

A. seemed not     B. not seemed

C. didn’t seem to be   D. didn’t seem to have

398. – Do you know you ______to be here by 7:30 ?

   --- Yes, I do.

A. are supposed               B. suppose

C. are supposing              D. supposed

399. _______they say, just take your own way.

A. No matter               B. What

C. However                D. No matter what

400. – I see something lying in the corner, moving

   --- Let me see ________.

A. what is the matter         B. what the matter is

C. what matter              D. matter is what

401. ______noise, please! I have something important to tell you.

A. Less     B. Not    C. Little   D. Much

402. We might as well take a rest; we have ____trying paper.

A. run into   B. run out of   C. ran out    D. ran across

403. The other day on the street he ___one of his friends whom he hadn’t seen for ages.

A. run into   B. run across    C. ran into    D. ran away

404. ______, and listen to the teacher carefully.

   A. Gathering                  B. Gather

C. Gathered                  D. Having gathered

405. The excited speaker was talking on, _________.

A. a crowd gathered          B. a crowd gathering

C. gathered a crowd          D. gathering


406. ________to get rid of waste ___a big problem for the human beings today.

A. How ; is   B. What; is   C. What; are   D. How; are

407. She is in hospital now____treatment.

A. receives   B. being received   C. receiving  D. received

408. ___ waste water was put into the rivers, and lakes which were badly polluted.

A. At one time   B. At a time   C. One time   D. A time

409. It is _______that the letter will ____you this afternoon.

A. most like; arrive        B. likely; reach

C. mostly like; get        D. best like; reach

410. Never chase two rabbits _________.

A. at one time   B. one time   C. at a time   D. for a time

411. It will be a long time ___we see each other; take care and good-bye.

A. before   B. until  C. after   D. for

412. Though he told me a second time about it, _____I didn’t understand.

A. but   B. still    C. however   D. but yet

413. A cat is similar ____a tiger in many ways.

A. with   B. for    C. to   D. form

414. Bad luck. It never rains but it _________.

A. is poured    B. pours    C. pouring   D. poured

415. _______drinks the polluted water gets sick.

   A. People who   B. Person who   C. Anyone   D. Anyone who

416. This is the book _____with the world population.

A. dealing   B. dealt     C. to be dealt    D. being dealt

417. That man is difficult _________.

A. dealing   B. dealt with   C. to deal with   D. to be dealt with

418. I spent _______ of my time in this work.

A. a plenty    B. a good many   C. a good deal   D. great deal

419. We must do something to stop the pollution and protect the world _____harm.

A. to    B. with     C. for     D. from

420. They wandered around the village, _____the ____ bike.

A. seeking; missing            B. sought; missed

C. seeking; missed             D. sought; missing

421. The plane was out of ____, but now we are in completely________ the situation.

A. control; control of                B. control; control

C. control of control                 D. controlling; control

422. Children are taught to be active ______ the environment.

A. to protect   B. in    C. protecting   D. in to protect

423. I would buy one soft-drink can, but I _____ money on me.

A. didn’t have    B. don’t have   C. had to    D. won’t have

424. She is going to _______ a show on ______tonight.

A. make; 5 Channel           B. take; Channel 5

C. make; Channel 5           D. take; 5 Channel

425. Can you imagine _________?

A. what his doing                   B. What is he doing

C. what he is doing                 D. he is doing what


426. Jerry is now out of reach; she is traveling __________.

A. in the Europe           B. in an European country

C. in Europe              D. in European

427. I’d like to thank you very nuch for every effort you _____me.

A. have made for             B. have taken for

C. took for                  D. made

428. Material, such as paper and glass , ____ collected, sorted and ______ again.

A. is; using                    B. is; used

C. are being used               D. is; being used

429. Waste paper can be reused ________ new paper, which is called recycling.

A. as     B. for       C. for making     D. to be made

430. I found an old pot _____ in the ground.

A. buried      B. being buried    C. burying    D. to be buried

431. ________ with the results of the experiment, she started to try again.

A. Disappointed             B. Disappointing

C. Being disappointed        D. having been disappointed

432. The answer ______ the teacher, she asked the little boy to try a second time.

A. disappointed             B. disappointing

C. being disappointed        D. having been disappointed

433. _________, and Charles felt hopeless.

A.      Because he was sentenced to death

B.      As he was sentenced to death

C.      Sentenced to death

D.     He was sentenced to death

434. They saw a lady beautifully ________.

A. dressed     B. dressing    C. being dressed     D. well dressing

435. __________, they managed to escape in a boat.

   A. Defeated and alive               B. Defeating but alive

   C. Defeated but alive               D. Defeated and alive

436. The reason ______ the accident occurred is still unknown.

A. why    B. what   C. how    D. which

437. I have no idea ______ children starved to death in northern Africa .

A. how much    B. what    C. where    D. how many

438. ______her education, she was anxious to find a job.

A. Finishing                 B. Finished

C. Having finished            D. Being finished

439. _____ two years to ________after the sick woman, she badly needed a holiday.

A. Devoting herself; look          B. Devoted; looking

C. Devoting; looking             D. Devoted; looked

440. _________, she was now dressed up for the party.

A. Taking a shower               B. Having taken a shower

C. She took a shower              D. Taken a shower

441. _______ we shall be able to defend the camp or not is another matter.

A. Whether    B. If    C. What    D. That

442. My companions are not used to _______-.

A. drinking strong          B. drink strong

C. strong drink             D. strong drinking

443. People all over the world should work together; no ____country can save the environment.

A. alone    B. single    C. lonely    D. one

444. I am mad with them. They never take me _____.

A. seriously    B. serious   C. seriousness    D. very serious

445. The moment I got onto the train, it was _________away.

A. pulling     B. pulled      C. being pulled     D. about pulling


446. – There is a football match tomorrow, you know.

   --- What ____pity! I haven’t got ______ticket for tomorrow.

A. a; a   B. a; the   C. the; the   D. the; a

447. After a long walk, they were _______ very tired, but _____ of them would stop to rest.

A. all; neither   B. both; none   C. all; none   D. both; neither

448. Was it _____ Tom’s carelessness ____ your keys were all lost?

A. because; which             B. for; what

C. because of; that             D. since; /

449. – Excuse me, have you ever been to Japan ?

   --- __________.

A. No, I don’t    B. Never    C. Sorry, I can’t   D. Don’t mention it

450. Among them I like this kind of food ______, for it is ____ sugar and water.

A. best; mostly                 B. best; most

C. most; best                   D. most; mostly

451. The English teacher often said in class, “Let’s ______in English.”

A. talk     B. say    C. spoke     D. tell

452. _______, the workers still continued working.

A. Since it was snowing           B. It was snowing

C. Late as it was                 D. Though it was early

453. Our teacher told us ________ story _____ we all never forget it.

A. so an interesting; so that          B. so interesting a; which

C. such interesting a; that           D. such an interesting; that

454. Man _______a battle against pollution at once.

A. must start fighting       B. had to start to fight

C. is starting fighting       D. is beginning fighting

455. – I must apologize for ______you so much.

   --- That’s all right.

A. to have troubled         B. bringing trouble to

C. being troubled          D. having troubled

456. By the time we got to the hospital, the patient ______ for half an hour.

A. died               B. had died

C. had been dead       D. has been dead

457. It is no good _________. You should _________.

A. to smoke; give up           B. smoking; give it up

C. smoking; give up it          D. to smoke; give it away.

458. He tried to _____to cook a meal on the island but he failed.

A. light fire   B. make a fire   C. make fire    D. set fire

459. This is one of the best films ______ this year.

A. they have been shown      B. that has been shown

C. that have been shown       D. which has been shown

460. – Where does Mr Zhang live?

   --- He has been on the island _________the end of the Long March.

A. since      B. by     C. in         D. at

461. The number of  people who _______cars _____increasing in Beijing .

A. owns; are     B. owns; is      C. own; is       D. own; are

462. The leader ordered that the soldiers _______ to the front at once.

A. sent   B. should send    C. be sent     D. should take

463. So little ______agree on the plan that they could not settle their differences.

A. did they   B. do they   C. they did   D. they did not

464. ________come, please tell him to wait for me at the gate.

A. He should   B. Should he       C. If he     D. If he would have

465. – You must do as you are told.

   --- Oh, I must, _____?

A. should I   B. mustn’t I   C. needn’t I    D. must I


466. He doesn’t think you are able to do this alone, __________?

A. does he   B. doesn’t he    C. aren’t you    D. is it

467.Though he has retired, I think he is ____ to attend college.

A. old enough   B. young enough  C. enough young  D. enough old

468. If you sit still on_______, the boat will not shake.

A. another end           B. other end

C. the other end           D. the end

469. By the end of next year we ______- our middle school.

a. have finished            B. will finish

C. had finished            D. will have finished

470. If we paint the wall a bit blue, we will make it look_______.

A. prettier   B. more pretty   C. nice   D. more nicer

471. Here is a rule for you to remember: No drawing ____on the wall.

     A. is done    B. does   C. is drawn   D. are done

472. He sat there with his eyes ______upon the ceiling.

A. fixing   B. fixed   C. closing    D. having closed

473. That old lady won’t stop me _____the radio.

A. to listen   B. listening   C. listening to   D. hearing

474. I have a good sleep on Sundays. I _____ until lunch time.

A. get up          B. don’t stay in bed

C. will get up       D. don’t get up

475. There is a hole _______the wall _____ a gun is pointing outside.

A. in; through which       B. on; from which

C. in; that                D. on; which

476. On the board is a notice ______”No Smoking!”

A. said    B. saying   C. which is written   D. to say

477. – Tom, I can’t see your text-book.

   --- Miss Red, I _____ it here but I can’t find it any more.

A. bring   B. brought   C. take   D. took

478. ______ it is snowing today, you’d better walk to school.

A. Because     B. Since     C. As    D. For

479. ________ tired after a long day’s work, they went bed early.

A. Having been   B. To be     C. Been    D. Being

480. He couldn’t _______ last night, because he was thinking how to finish his work early.

A. go to bed                B. go to sleep

C. go to the bed             D. fall sleep

481. Is everything you do ________?

A. done     B. to be done   C. has been done   D. had been done

482. That is a five-story building; his room is on_________.

A. the third storey           B. storey two

C. the third floor            D. the floor two

483. – What do you think of the painting?

   --- It looks a bit ugly ______ it is.

A. when      B. as      C. while    D. for

484. Those villagers looked ________ at the house washed away by the flood.

A. sad     B. sorrow    C. sadly     D. with sad

485. The work is well done with all the electric wires __________.

A. fixed up    B. fixing   C. fixing up    D. to be fixed


486. They say the repair work _____ the office building will start on Monday.

A. on     B. at    C. over    D. for

487. The house is so old that it calls ________ .

A. to repair             B. for repairing

C. for being repaired     D. repairing

488. The two countries were _______ between 1989 and 1991.

A. peace    B. at no war    C. at peace    D. at peaceful

489. The police arrived _____ two minutes after he dialed 911.

A. at the scenery               B. the scene

C. on the place                D. on the scene

490. On the platform he ______ his trouble to a man who was there waiting for train.

A. explained              B. talked

C. made an explanation      d. explained for

491. Jasper is one of his three sons who ____in the army; the other two ______in the navy.

A. is; are     B. are; are     C. is; is     D. are; is

492. We have a long summer season _______six months.

A. which last    B. lasting    C. lasts for   D. that last for

493. I know ______type of machine is needed but I have no idea which type.

A. certain    B. two    C. some   D. an

494. The board that he _________ there two days before _____there.

A. laid; laid                B. had laid; lie

C. lay; lay                 D. had laid; lay

495. – Is Mary still at work?

   --- Yes, but she said she ______ a holiday next Saturday. She’ll pay a visit to Italy .

A. will go on   B. went on   C. took    D. went on for

496. Hardly ______-out when it began raining.

A. had he stepped          B. did he step

C. he had stepped          D. stepped he

497. Nowhere else _________ find such a beautiful scenery.

A. you can    B. can you   C. we can      D. we are able to

498. A bomb sent the ship _______ to the bottom of the sea.

A. to sink    B. sunk   C. sinking     D. being sunk

499. __________, the woman drove off.

A. Filled with gas                B. Being filled with gas

C. Filling the car with gas          D. Having filled the car

500. He rushed out of the house, __________the door open.

A. leaving   B. left    C. having left    D. and leaving