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501. This is a long hard winter, with everything _______, white.

A. covered         B. covered by    C. covering   D. covered with

502. Jack as well as his classmates _______the importance of the matter.

A.. realize     B. realizes     C. have realized    D. are realizing

503. Of the two problems the first one is _____ .

A. the most important         B. more important

C. the less important          D. less important

504. We are busy all day long, and now there is lots of repair work for us _______.

A. to do it   B. to be done     C. to do   D. to do them

505. Our guide has organized _________.

A.      a tour of the temple for tomorrow

B.      a tomorrow tour of the temple

C.      tomorrow’s tour of the temple

D.     a tour of the temple to tomorrow

506. The temple is 20 kilometers _______. Let’s take a _______.

A. away; taxicab ride           B. away; taxi’s ride

C. far away; taxi ride           D. far away; ride

507. More than one stone ______ so far.

A. have been washed          B. has been washed

C. are washed                D. had been washed

508. An expert with 40 workers ______the work. They are supposed to finish the work next week.

A. have started    B. start     C. has started     D. are starting

509. If you are obey the rules ______visitors, you will ____here in our country.

A. for; enjoy   B. to; enjoy your stay   C. to; enjoy staying   D. for; enjoy your stay

510. Without his help, I ____ the test given on Monday.

A. couldn’t have passed            B. couldn’t pass

C. won’t pass                    D. don’t pass

511. I need one more _______ my collection of Bird stamp.

A. to complete    B. to have completed   C. finishing  D. to have finished

512. I have ______ works of Shakespeare. I have spent $ 300.

A. completed   B. a complete    C. finished    D. a completed

513. It _______ six years since I saw you last.

A. was    B. have been       C, is        D. had been

514. Was it six years ago _______ we met for the first time?

A. which   B. When   C. since     D. that

515. The trip cost us more than we ________.

A. had expected    B. expected     C. expect     D. have expected

516. There is nothing in the bag but an __________.

A. article of clothing         B. piece of clothing

C. clothes                  D. dress

517. Don’t forget _______- waiters; in England , people give ____to waiters and taxi drivers.

A. to tip; tips   B. to give tip; tip   C. tipping; tips   D. tipping; tip

518. The farm is huge, lying between the valleys, and ____ an area of 15 square kilometers.

A. covered   B. being covered     C. covering   D. covers

519. Finally came the news________everybody in the twon.

A. astonished   B. to astonish      C. that astonished    D. that was astonished

520. Soon the news ________ across the whole country, ______the people.

A. spread; exciting    B. spread; excited  

C. was spread; excited      D. was spread; exciting


521. One should keep ______facing danger.

A. quiet    B. calm    C. still     D. silent

522. -- ________I go there, too?

   --- No. You _______.

A. Must; can’t               B. Need; mustn’t

C. Can; needn’t              D. Must; don’t have to

523. In China , ______ bicycle is ________popular means of transportation.

A. the; a    B. a;/     C. the; the       D. a; the

524. – Shall we go swimming?

   --- OK. I’ll just go and get ________.

A. to change    B. to be changed        C. changed       D. changing

525. – Our guests are arriving from Shanghai at 10: 30 .

   --- Really? I ______  it _______ 12:30 .

A. think; is        B. thought; was     

C. have thought; will be   D. had thought; will be

526. We wrote a letter of thanks to _______ had helped us.

A. who    B. whom        C. whoever      D. whomever

527. He must ______ a shower, for I can hear the water ________.

A. have; run             B. be having; run

C. have; running          D. be having; running

528. – Excuse me, but could you tell me the way to 24th street ?


A. Sorry, but I’m a stranger myself      B. OK. It’s not far from here

C. Yes. Go ahead.                    D. Well, you will get there.

529. ________is well known, ______Hong Kong returned to China on July 1st, 1997 .

A. It;  that    B. It; which   C. As; /    D. As; as

530. –Jack fell off a ladder yesterday, but he is all right.

   --- He is lucky. He _______ himself badly.

A. could wound               B. could have wounded

C. could hurt                 D. could have hurt

531. –Do you think the bad weather will __________?

   --- I _________.

A. go on; don’t hope so          B. keep up; hope not

C. take up; think not             D. keep on; don’t think so

532. Not until we got off the bus _____ that his wallet _____.

A.      he found; was stolen

B.      had he found; had stolen

C.      did he find; had been stolen

D.     had he found; had been stolen

533. – Do you mind if I smoke here?

  --- ___________.

A. You’d better not         B. Yes, you can smoke

C. Of course              D. No, please don’t

534. _________several times, but he still doesn’t know how to do it properly.

A. Being shown           B.Having shown

C. Having been shown      D. I’ve shown him

535. There _______no strong earthquake in this area in the near future, people are easy in mind

A. is    B. will be      C. being      D. is going to be

536. Since the plan has been worked out, we must put it into _________.

A. practice    B. reality    C. action        D. fact

537. – Does he work hard?

   ---Not at all. Nobody else could be ________.

A. harder       B. more hard-working   C. lazier    D. more lazy

538. – Shall I tell them the news?

   ---No, I would rather they _______ know.

A. won’t   B. don’t   C. wouldn’t     D. didn’t

539. His German isn’t very good even _____he’s stayed in Germany for over two years.

A. now    B. though   C. when   D. after

540. My grandfather is over 95 and _____ is worse, in poor health. He _____ goes nowhere.

A. that; almost   B. what; nearly   C. which; nearly   D. what; almost


541. You may ______a lady by asking her age.

A. anger      B. angry      C. be angry    D. be angry with

542. It’s rude ____you to ask his salary the first time you ____him.

A. of; meet   B. of; met   C. for; meet    D. for; meet with

543. Take care of yourself. See ____ you don’t catch cold.

A. if    B. when    C. that     D. whether

544. You ________me earlier, but you didn’t.

A. should tell         B. should have told

C. shall tell           D. could tell

545. I don’t trust that man; he is the guy who _________.

A. never eat his word     B. never keeks saying

C. always eats his word   D. keeps his word

546. Sorry not ______you, but you know I was terribly busy then.

A. have helped            B. help

C. to have helped          D. to be helping

547. What do you think of my new dress? Just speak _______.

A. your truth   B. heart   C. your mind   D. really

548. Good to see you again. I ______ I______not see you here today.

A. thought; could         B. thought; can

C. think; can             D. think; could

549. I’m looking forward to ______to Hong Kong .

A. visiting   my visiting   C. visit    D. my visit

550. You _______so much since I last saw you .

A. changed             B. are changing

C. have changed         D. had changed

551. I need your help. Your friendship is a great help to me. I________.

A. meant it   B. mean     C. meant       D. meant serious

552. _______every means that could be tried been tried?

A. Is    B. Has   C. Are     D. Have

553. Sorry. I always ________you.

A. understand          B. not understand

C. misunderstand       D. don’t understand

554. When you are speaking, you’ve got to make yourself ______.

A. understand           B. understood

C. be understood        D. being understood.

555. I’m very glad _______you here today. Nice day.

A. to meet   B. to have met   C. having met    D. meeting

556. I’d go to hell _____stay with you.

A. than   B. rather    C. rather than   D. better than

557. I’d rather _______a boat, doing nothing at all.

A. sit on    B. to sit in   C. sitting in     D. sit in

558. He is as changeable as Moon; he is sure to change his mind _______.

A. at the last minute        B. on the last minute

C. in the last minute        D. for the last minute

559. We are determined to get _____before May Day.

A. the work done         B. work being done

C. the work do           D. the work to do

560. We have been invited ______this Friday. Could you stay home alone?

A. to dinner        B. for a dinner

C. for dinning      D. to dine


561. After the little boy finished his meal, he asked the lady _______.

A. for more   B. more    C. many more   D. for many

562. At the post office he asked ______.

A. stamps               B. some stamps

C. four stamps           D. for four stamps

563. The ball went over the fence and the football player asked a boy to ______ it.

A. bring      B. take     C. fetch      D. give

564. My father asked ________.

A. Tom and me to help        B. me and Tom to help

C. I and Tom to help          D. Tom and I to help

565. – What did you aunt say?

   --- She asked me ______ leave yet.

A. not to    B. don’t     C. that I shouldn’t    D. that I don’t

566. Those are very pleasant rooms. How much do you _____them?

A. want     B. demand     C. ask for         D. ask

567. Let’s go and find out _______.

A. whether she at home or not     B. whether at home

C. whether home she is or not       D. whether or not she is home

568. – May I help you?

   ---Yes, please. Can you tell me how much _________?

A. these hats cost           B. do these hats cost

C. have these hats cost       D. will these hats cost

569. Many people worked on the project, but in terms of dollars and cents, the cost was ______.

A. few        B. very little      C. hardly any     D. not many

570. However much ______, it will be worth it.

A. does the watch cost        B. costs the watch

C. the watch will cost        D. the watch costs

571. –How many books does he have?

   --- He possesses ________them.

A. plenty of   B. very much    C. a great deal    D. an amount of

572. –Is the radio bothering you?

   --- It certainly is. I’d like it _______off.

A. turning      B. to turn    C. turned    D. turns

573. To ask someone for help is to turn ________him.

A. to   B. for     C. on        D. by

574. To reject an offer is to turn it _________.

A. out    B. over    C. back    D. down.

575. Please don’t leave without ______the lights.

A. you turn off       B. to turn off

C. turning off        D. you’ll turn off

576. –What excuse did John give for his rudeness at the meeting?

   --- He didn’t even mention it, ______ explain it.

A. let alone             B. and even not

C. or not               D. as opposed to

577. –Shall we go ?

   ---No, ________.

A. not allowed          B. not shall

C. shall not             D. let’s not

578. The chairman requested that _____________.

A.      the members studied more carefully the problem

B.      the problem was more carefully studied

C.      with more carefulness the problem could be studied

D.     the members study the problem more carefully

579. The history of nursing _____ the history of man.

A. as old as           B. is also old

C. that is as old as      D. is as old as

580. – What shall we get Jane for her birthday?

  --- ___________.

   A. What is she wanting         B. What does she want

   C. What she wants             D. What she is wanting


581. Have you ever ________the Atlantic ?

A. Flown along         B. Flowed alone

C. flown across         D. flowed across

582. – James has just arrived.

   --- Oh! I didn’t know he ________until yesterday.

A. will come            B. was coming

C. has been coming      D. comes

583. – I wish you had brought your wife with you.

   --- I’ll get her _____on the next trip.

A. coming along with me      B. to come on with me

C. to come along with me      D. with me to come along

584. Jean ________ a cold when she was in Los Angeles .

A. came by    B. came down with

C. came into    D. came off with

585. – This picture of cowboys is terrible.

   --- It ______ out better than I expected, for I was facing the sun.

A. had come          B. would have come

C. came             D. comes

586. My father will be here tomorrow, but at first I thought that he ______today.

A. was coming       B. is coming    C. will come    D. comes

587. I was looking forward to ______, but no letter came to me.

A. hear him            B. hearing him

C. hearing from him     D. hear

588. – I told you to look up that matter.

   ---All right, I’ll _________.

A. look up it      B. look up     C. look it up    D. it look

589. To respect someone is to look ________ to him.

A. up    B. on     C. at    D. ahead

590. Western Nebraska generally receives less snow than eastern Nebraska _______.

A. does     B. in       C. it does in     D. in it does

591. My wife wants me to _____ my shoes.

A. go away with           B. get rid of

C. get them killed          D. mending

592. Mary never tells anyone what she does for a _________-.

A. job       B. work        C. profession     D. living

593. When Tom’s mother wasn’t feeling well last night, Tom washed the supper dishes, ________?

A. didn’t he       B. did he      C. don’t they    D. did they

594. – I bought a radio today.

  --- How much ______for it?

A. did they pay      B. do you pay

C. did you pay       D. did it paid

595. – Why is he stopping the car?

   ---He says it will ____ to get out and stretch our legs.

A. do us good         B. be better of us

C. do us well          D. be fine of us

596. Cars moved very slowly in the 1920s, but they ______ move more quickly than in 1910.

A. were to     B. did     C. will    D. can

597. – Why are you so upset about losing a pen?

   ---That was a _______pen!

A. ten-dollars      B. tens-dollars

C. ten-dollar       D. tens-dollar

598. – What did you win for having the best costume at the Party?

   ---Two _______.

A. ten-cents toys         B. ten-cent toys

C. toys of ten vents       D. toys of ten cent

599. She ________ from a fall by catching the railing.

A. prevented herself         B. saved herself

C. stopped                 D. held her own self

600. – Are you done with the book I gave you?

  --- Not quite. I have read all _____ the last chapter.

A. but    B. until      C. just       D. yet


601. You didn’t spell _____word right; you missed _____ “ u” here.

A. the; an  B. the; a   C. a; an     D. a; a

602. We decided to turn to _______can help us.

A. whoever      B. anyone      C. someone    D. whomever

603. – Is Mr White out of danger?

   --- No, _______ than before, I’m afraid.

A. no better               B. a little better

C. not worse               D. no worse

604. –Don’t forget to turn off the light when you leave.

   --- I _________.

A. mustn’t       B. won’t       C. don’t     D. can’t

605. – Will you go to Li Ping’s birthday party?

   ---No, _______ invited to.

A. if       B. until   C. when       D. even though

606. –What’s wrong with our lunch?

   --- Cooks are late ______ it again, ____often happened before.

A. with; as  B. for; with    C. to; that     D. with; it

607. – It was very kind of you to have carried the box for me.

  --- __________.

A. I’d love to     B. Thank you for saying so

C. My pleasure    D. My duty

608. – You look so excited. I suppose you won the game.

   --- You _______it.

A. are guessing             B. will guess

C. guess                   D. have guessed

609. John is _______of the students who ______able to get the first place.

A. the one; are           B. the only one; is

C. one; is                D. only one; are

610. From the school name _______ on it, we decided that the package belongs to a student.

A. to be marked             B. marking

C. marked                  D. having marked

611. – Are you hungry now?

   --- No, not _______.

A. a little    B. a bit       C. at least        D. the least

612. I like a house with a garden more than _____ with a swimming pool.

A. one      B. the only one    C. that   D. it

613. Only _____ the way to the valley besides Tom.

A. can Mark know    B. knows Mark

C. does Mark know    D. Mark knows

614. On the way to the market, Mrs Turner _____ to see one of her old friends.

A. called on   B. called at      C. dropped in      D. visited

615. Children are always ____ about what they see for the first time.

A. pleased      B. curious      C. interested    D. fond

616. Having done three experiments without rest, they were _____out to go on with ______one.

A. so tired; a fourth        B. so tiring; the fourth

C. too given; the fourth     D. too worn; a fourth

617. We had a wonderful time that day. It was years______ we had enjoyed ourselves so much.

A. since      B. when      C. until       D. that

618. The reason for his absence is _____ he had to look after his sick wife.

A. why       B. because     C. that      D. whether

619. The meeting is to begin at 4;00 p.m. and we are _____to be there a bit earlier.

A. invited     B. supposed    C. allowed    D. hoped

620. People were used to ______ clothes of cotton and wool, but now more and more other materials are used to ____ clothes as well.

A. make; making              B. making; make

C. making; making             D. make; make


621. Some New Year’s parties begin _____ ten or eleven o’clock in the evening.

A. with    B. in       C. at         D. on

622. He lives _______ 23 Arthur Avenue .

A. at   B. in   C. on  D. with

623. We are ________ our desk now.

A. with      B. at      C. in    D. on

624. The principal is ________ the door now.

A. with     B. at      C. in       D. on

625. She usually comes back fro her work _________.

A. at noon      B. in noon         C. on noon       D. with noon

626. He had learned English well _______ the end of six month.

A. in  B. at      C. though        D. by

627. – I think John will win the race.

   --- Yes, he started off ______ a great speed.

      A. with       B. at     C. though

628. John may win the first prize. He has started _____ the speed of 80 miles.

A. at       B. of    C. on    D. in

629. Belva Lockwood taught school for many years and became a lawyer in 1873 _______43.

A. age     B. the age     C. at the age of    D. she was at the age

630. He entered a university __________-.

A.      when he had sixteen years

B.      when sixteen years were his age

C.      at the age of sixteen

D.     at age sixteen years old

631. – What will you do with your apartment when you leave?

   --- John will take ______ the apartment and pay the rent.

A. up    B. in    C. over    D. along

632. When I met Jenny’s sister, I took a liking _____ her immediately.

A. to      B. for     C. on       D. in

633. Hospital doctors don’t go out very often as their work _____ all their time.

A. takes away      B. takes in       C. takes over    D. takes up

634. To look like one’s father is to take _____ him in appearance.

A. from     B. over     C. after      D. for

635. Did you say that our neighbour ______ in the accident?

A. badly hurted          B. was badly hurted

C. had badly hurted       D. was badly hurt

636. – There is a police car in front of our neighbour’s house.

   --- What do you suppose _______?

A. is happened          B. has happened

C. would happen          D. did happen

637. It ________ a year ago.

A. has happened           B. happened

C. happens                D. was happened

638. I like this warm weather. It feels _____ spring.

   A. like     B. as       C. like as      D. as like

639. He felt ________ that he should leave.

A. strong    B. strongness   C. very strong    D. very strongly

640. The old vase will ________ an attractive lamp-holder.

A. compose      B. form    C. make      D. be shown   


641. When he was in college, he used to speak ______English language.

A. the        B, /     C. a      D. an

642. It is the part ______ you can enjoy the show.

     A. that      B. where      C. in which       D. when

643. It is in the place _________ it was given days ago.

A.where    B. that         C. in which        D. when

644. It was 1998 ______ he spent his first Christmas in England .

A. that        B. in which      C. where      D. when

645. It was many many years ago _________ he paid his first visit to London .

A. that   B. when       C. since        D. for

646. It is I who _______ on duty today.

A. am     B. are     C. is      D. has been

647. – What were you doing when she called?

   ---I had just finished my work and ________.

A. was starting to take a bath       B. was started to take a bath

C. to start to take a bath           D. starting to take a bath

648. – You were late again this morning.

   ---I think you had better _____on.

A. to start to be         B. start being

C. started being         D. to be

649. We don’t sell foreign newspapers because there is no _______ for them

A. request    B. claim    C. requirement    D. demand

650. – Why are you unhappy?

   --- The other students made ________.

A. of me the fun         B. fun of me

C. fun with me          D. with me the fun

651. When the fire broke out, __________.

A. the house became emptying     B. the house had empties

C. the house had emptied          D. the house was made empty

652. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn’t _________ what color it was.

A. make out   B. look to    C. look out    D. take in

653. – I’m leaving now.

   --- Make sure ______ the door.

A. for you to lock          B. to have locked

C. of locking              D. you lock

654. The subject of these lectures _______ by the lecture committee.

A. announces              B. have been

C. announced              D. has been announced

655. Legal tender is any type of money that must, _______, be accepted in a payment of a debt.

A. law       B. by law     C. its law        D. which law

656. – Did you feed the baby milk?

   --- No, he can ________.

A. feed for himself          B. feed by himself

C. eat by himself            D. eat for himself

657. – Is she older than you?

   --- Yes, she is older than _________two years.

A. me for     B. I am by      C. I for     D. me by

658. My roommate lost a lot of weight ______ every day.

A. to exercise           B. for exercise

C. for exercising         D. by exercising

659. – How can I help you the most?

   --- __________.

A. For you to stay             B. To stay

C. By staying                D. With your staying

660. – How did you pay these workers?

   --- Well, as a rule, they were paid ________.

A. by an hour        B. by the hour

C. by hours          D. by a hour


661. By the time he retires, Professor Baker ____ for almost forty years.

A. will teach            B. has taught

C. will have taught       D. will be teaching

662. By the time he gets home, his aunt ______ for Puerto Rico .

A. will leave   B. leaves    C. will have left   D. left

663. “X” _______  for the unknown quantity.

A. puts    B. stands       C. sits         D. goes

664. The old man asked her to leave because he _______-in that chair.

A. used to sit         B. was used to sit

C. used to sitting      D. was used to sitting

665. I _______ bacon and eggs every morning.

A. am used to eat         B. used to eating

C. am used to eating       D. use to eat

666. – Why was Fred so upset?

   --- He isn’t used _______ criticized.

   A. be       B. to be        C. to being    D. having been

667. –It’s too bad you fell down during the race.

   --- Yes, but I could never ________ the other runners anyway.

A. catch up with            B. have caught up

C. have caught up with       D. catch up

668. – When did you give that to Mr. Bell?

   ---As soon as I could last week; I ________ it to him.

A. had given   B. would give     C. gave     D. was giving

669. – Did you have a good time?

   --- Wonderful. You really gave me some excellent advice _______ the best places to visit.

A. in   B. on     C. above     D. over

670. – Where did you get that handsome picture?

  --- It was _______ by my father.

A. given for us           B. a gift to us

C. given to us            D. a gift for us

671. The rescue party ____ four days later when no traces of the missing hikers could be found.

A. gave up their hopes         B. put away their hopes

C. cherished hope             D. gave up hope

672. – Dick certainly has a bad cough.

   ---If he’s sensible, he will give up __________.

A. the smoking          B. smoking

C. to smoke             D. to be smoking

673. – Nancy sat in the front seat on the left side of the room.

   --Oh? I thought she _________ in the back.

A. sat   B. had sat     C. is sitting    D. has sitting

674. Could you tell me _______?

A. where he lives          B. where does he live

C. where did he live       D. where lived

675. – When will the plane arrive?

   --- I will tell you when __________.

A. I have been finding out      B. I find out

C. I am finding out            D. I will find out

676. We are considering buying a house in Gainesville , but we want to find out ________there first.

A. what the taxes are            B. what are the taxes

C. the taxes what are            D. the taxes are

677. Everyone is responsible for _______ own composition.

A. his    B. their         C. nobody’s      D. all their

678. Martin visited his aunt two days before he _____ town.

A. left     B. will leave    C. had left     D. is going to leave

679. I will try to finish this work ________.

A. up till you can come               B. before you can come

C. up to the time you are able to come   D. until you come

680. – What did Mr Jones do before he retired?

   --- He ______ a city bus for over twenty-five years.

A. is driving      B. drove    C. has driven    D. drives


681. Wouldn’t it be ______ wonderful world if all nations are in ____peace with another?

A. the; /    B. the; the    C. a; /    D. a; a

682. – I just dropped in to say hello.

   --- ________.

A. It’s a pleasure        B. Pleased to see you

C. You are welcome      D. That’s kind of you

683. _______ in front of it, this temple really needs _________.

A. To see; repairing        B. See; repairing

C. Having seen; making repairs  D. Seeing; to be repaired

684. – I can’t find Tom anywhere.

   ---He ______his homework upstairs.

A. might have done            B. must be doing

C. should have done            D. is able to do

685. _______ much advice I gave him, he did what exactly he wanted.

A. No matter so             B. Whatever

C. Although                D. However

686. –Were all the passengers in the bus injured in the accident?

   --- ______ only four who got hurt.

A. No, there are             B. Yes, there were

C. No, there were            D. Yes, it is

687. Nothing that he did was right, ________?

A. did he       B. didn’t he   C. wasn’t it    D. was it

688. – What has made you so upset?

   --- ______the ticket for the film TITANIC.

A. Because I lost        B. Lost

C. Because of losing      D. Losing

689. –When will he be back?

   --- Not exactly. But it won’t be long _____ he comes back.

A. before   B. since      C. until      D. that

690. At the center of the garden there stands a little board ________”Don’t Pick Flowers”.

A. on which writes         B. that say

C. which reads            D. on which is read

691. – Why are you spraying water on the ground? Didn’t it rain last night?

   --- No, mum, but I wish it __________.

A. was raining   B. rained    C. had rained   D. would rain

692. The scientist buried himself in his studies in the belief _____ they could serve the country with his knowledge.

A. when    B. that    C. where     D. which

693. –What would you like for afternoon tea?

   ---________ will do.

A. Everything   B. Something     C. Nothing     D. Anything

694. The doctor ought _______ you out of hospital so soon, otherwise, you would feel better.

A. not to have let       B. not to let

C. to have not let       D. not to let

695. – You were______ to give us a hand.

   ---Sorry. I _______ delayed by the traffic.

A. hoped; was            B. hoping ; have been

C. supposed; was          D. supposing; have been

696. During the Gulf War the CCTV ________the latest news in Iraq .

A. broadcast    B. reported    C. announced     D. published

697. – Your mother is very strict with you.

   ---Yes, so _______ and so __________.

A. is she; is my father      B. she is; my father is

C. is she; my father is    D. she is; is my father

698. – This house looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

   ---Well, I’d rather have a house _____ to look, but ______ to live in

A.      not beautiful; most comfortable

B.      less beautiful; more comfortable

C.      less beautiful; most comfortable

D.     beautiful; comfortable

699. – What did she ________ so much money?

   --- Nothing but a necklace made of glass.

A. spend on   B. pay for     C. buy for     D. sell to

700. Don’t worry, Mary. You will ______this climate before long.

A. be fit for         B. get used to

C. get along well with   D. fit


701. San Diego ____ the oldest settlement for Europeans in the United States .

A. is     B. being     C. being for       D. where

702. – Look at this room.

   --- Never in my life _______ such a mess.

A. I see   B. do I see    C. have I seen     D. I’ve seen

703. Take those apples which ________ a bit green.

A. we realize    B. often    C. it seems    D. never

704. – Did you make a mule trip to the bottom of the canyon?

   ---I learned it only after I spent ________.

A. the most of my money       B. most of my money

C. mostly of my money        D. the mostly of my money

705. Have you ever _____ in an airplane?

A. gone to   B. up there     C. been up there    D. gone flying

706. It seemed to Mrs. Garber that the pork smelled somewhat _________; she could not serve her guests.

A. bad    B. badly     C. worst     D. worse

707. – Which jackets are yours?

   --- Let me see._________.

A. What are in the hall closet       B. They are in the hall closet

C. The jackets in the hall closet     D. The ones in the hall closet

708. It seems very difficult _________.

A. to stop the child to cry     B. restraining the child to cry

C. to keep the child from crying     D. holding the child’s crying

709. A beginner in learning electricity should not touch television__________.

A.      for you would be shocked if you have done

B.      for he would be shocked if he did

C.      for he will be shocked if he did

D.     for he would be shocked if he had done

710. _________, he would have signed his name in the corner.

A.      If he painted that picture

B.      If he paints that picture

C.      If he had painted that picture

D.     If he would have painted that picture

711. ______ furniture do you have in your house?

A. How many    B. How much   C. What many    D. What much

712. Sarabeth had spent _______ studying.

A. the whole day           B. all during the day

C. altogether a day          D. entirely a day

713. – Why wasn’t Mary in class?

   --- She overslept and was ______ late that she missed the bus.

   A. so     B. too       C. much     D. very

714. Ted was so worn out that he just _______ down and slept for ten hours.

   A. lied        B. laid      C. lay        D. had lain

715. – Mr. Wilson is expected back at noon .

   ---Would you have him _____ then, please?

   A. calling me               B. call me

   C. to calling me             D. called me

716. What did you do when _______?

A. he’s making a noise        B. he makes noise

C. he made noise            D. he made a noise

717. – Tomorrow is a holiday! Why are you doing your homework?

   ---I’m doing the exercise now so that I won’t have ________ on Sunday.

A. for     B. them      C. it     D. to

718. Collecting stamps is his hobby __________.

A.      but listening to music also gives him pleasure

B.      but he also enjoys music

C.      but music is enjoyed by him too

D.     and also music is enjoyed by him

719. The students in the rooms were forbidden, unless they had special passes, _______after 11 o’clock p.m.

A. staying out    B. stay out     C. from staying out    D. to stay out

720. I don’t know why ___________.

A.      my sister Mary was laughing

B.      did my sister Mary laugh

C.      my sister Mary laughing

D.     was my sister Mary laughing


721. I’d get it for you _______ I could remember who last borrowed it.

A. except that    B. if only    C. on condition that   D. considering whether

722. – Did you call Mr. Jackson?

   --- No, because he said he would rather not _______ disturbed this morning.

A. to be  B. being     C. be    D been

723. –  Have you ever been to New York ?

   --- Yes. I ______ there last summer.

A. have been     B. was    C. am    D. go

724. The settlers at Jamestown lived on wild plants and roots because they had  ____ to eat.

A. nothing else            B. anything else

C. something other         D. nothing other

725. – Why didn’t you take part in the club meeting held in the Student Union last Tuesday?

   --- I would have if _______ time.

A. I had     B. I’d have had    C. I’d had     D. I have

726. – I’m sorry. Were you speaking to me?

   ---Yes, I was. Would you please _____ in this room?

A. not to smoke   B. not smoke   C. no smoking   D. no smoke

727. You didn’t hear us come in last night. That was good. We tried______ noisy.

A. to be not   B. not to be   C. not be    D. be not

728. –You’ll have to give me fifty cents more.

   ---Then I owe you 2 dollars and 50 cents, _______?

A. won’t I      B. don’t I     C. is so     D. is correct

729. – You should have gone to the grand opening ceremony, _________?

   --- I thought you would go with me.

A. aren’t you   B. shouldn’t you   C. wouldn’t you   D. don’t you

730. Jean worked just so much ___________.

A. like what she was told to     B. as she was told to

C. as to what she tried to do     D. like she was told to

731. ________he went to New York .

A. On the next day morning         B. On the next day’s morning

C. In the next day’s morning        D. On the morning of the next day

732. – I’ll help you whenever you need me.

   ---Good. L’d like ________ me tomorrow.

A. you helping        B. that you’ll help

C. you to help         D. that you help

733. – Eric doesn’t like American beer.

   ---______ does Anna.

A. So     B. Neither     C. Either      D. Also

734. – How much milk do we have in the refrigerator?

   --- Not much, ______.

A. only one quart there’s left       B. its only one quart left

C. one quart is only left there       D. there’s only one quart left

735. I’m disappointed with the new officers elected in our club, but there’s no point _____about it.

A. to worry       B. in worrying     C. with as worrying    D. if we worry

736. They don’t seem to answer the phone when I call; there isn’t anyone at home, _______?

A. isn’t there     B. is there     C. is it     D. isn’t it

737. –Where should I put my hat?

   ---Just put it on ________.

A. the hall table             B. the table of hall

C. hall’s table               D. hall table

738. Some Asian countries make their household goods that are designed both to work well _______.

A. and to be looking beautiful          B. and to look beautiful

C. and to be beautiful                 D. as well as to look beautifully

739. –Will Mary be here today?

   ---No, and ________.

A. her sister won’t, too           B. neither her sister will

C. neither won’t her sister        D. neither will her sister

740. Is the climate of Italy__________?

A. somewhat like Florida             B. somewhat similar to Florida

C. something like Florida             D. somewhat like that of Florida         


741. The scenery over there is beyond ________.

A. described    B. description    C. describing     D. describe

742. – I’m making an apple pie.

   ---Do you find it a difficult ______?

   A. pie to make   B. pie for to make   C. making   D. pie for making

743. ________ was too much for the child to carry.

   A. The steel’s weight       B. The weight of a steel

   C. The weight of the steel   D. Steel’s weight

744. A country cannot develop its industrial power ________.

A. from one night          B. in a night

C. over night              D. immediately

745. – That’s a nice watch.

--- It’s the same _______.

A. as John     B. like John   C. as John’s     D. like John’s

746. ________  practising with the band this week?

   A. Has been Paul    B. Has Paul been

   C. Has Paul        D. Paul been

747. – The exam will be on the first half of the book.

   --- That means we’ll have to finish_________.

A. fifteenth chapter          B. fifteen chapter

C. chapter fifteen          D. chapter fifteen

748. – How wide is the table?

   --- It is __________.

A. three feet and one half foot      B. three and half feet

C. three and one half feet          D. three and one half foot

749. Jean has not been able to recall where _________.

A. does she live         B. she lives

C. did she live          D. lived the girl

750. – Professor Johnson has announced that the exam _______will be given soon.

   ---That is not fair. How much time ________ for us to prepare?

A. there is      B. is there     C. it is     D. is it

751. Any parent hopes to gain the best education possible for ________children.

A. his     B. her      C. their      D. they

752. – Do you like to play basketball?

   --- No, but I ________  play basketball at college.

A. used to   B. was used to   C. get used to   D. use to

753. Pluto, the outermost planet of the solar system, _____photographically in March 1930.

A. discovered              B. was discovered

C. by discovery             D. when discovered

754. – I walked 8 miles today.

   --- I would never have guessed you could walk ________ far.

A. that      B. this      C. such      D. as

755. We had a disagreement _____ the bus was late.

A. because of   B. cause of    C. because     D. caused

756. – Will Eddie use his brother’s bicycle?

  --- No, he wants one _______.

A. for him    B. of his own       C. his alone     D. only of himself

757. _______ I get to know her, the more I like her.

   A. For more     B. More      C. The more     D. The most

758. David will probably ________, but Martha must leave early.

A. stay late    B. be late to stay   C. being late   D. staying late

759. – What will you do during Christmas vacation?

   --- I don’t know, but it’s about time _______ something.

A. I’m deciding    B. I’ll decide   C. I’d decide   D. I decided

760. The old lady can’t hope to _______ her cold in a few days.

A. get away   B. get off     C. get out     D. get over


761. Though he has got well, he still looks _______ weak.

A. fairly   B. rather     C. much    D.too

762. – What do you think of the concert?

   --- I really enjoyed it. I didn’t expect it was ________ wonderful.

A. as   B. more       C. most        D. very

763. – Would you go to the cinema or stay at home?

   --- ________ the film is good, I ‘ll stay at home.

A. No matter what             B. In spite of

C. Even if                    D. As though

764. They elected him ______ monitor of their class for ______ second time.

A. /; a    B. the; /   C. a; /    D. a; the

765. – My brother enjoys swimming very much.

   --- So does ________.

A. yours    B. he     C. mine      D. him

766. The bottle is quite big. I think it can _____ five pounds of water.

A. hold        B. fill      C. take      D. get

767. I would ______ all of them ________ with us.

A. suggest; to go         B. demand; to go

C. expect; going         D. like; to go

768. – He had_______ there for two years.

   --- Really? Then he _______ have known the town quite well.

A. stayed; should            B. been; must

C. got; can                 D. come; may

769. – Is Jack tall?

   --- Yes, he is _______ his brothers.

A. the taller of           B. the tallest

C. tall one of            D. taller than

770. Let’s see how much has been ________ building the new house.

A. paid    B. cost     C. spent     D. taken

771. We must work out a plan on _____ with the rubbish as soon as possible.

     A. what to do   B. what to deal    C. how doing   D. how dealing

772. – I’m sorry that I can’t stay with you.

   --- __________.

A. Not at all         B. I don’t think so

C. Don’t think so     D. That’s all right

773. It’s suggested that the work ________ at once.

A. should do    B. must be done    C. be done    D. could do

774. The boy is badly hurt. We must ________ for the doctor immediately.

A. send     B. ask      C. search     D. look

775. Is this the very way _____ to the valley?

A. leading       B. raise       C. to improve     D. to raise

776. I’m determined to do what I can ____ my English.

A. improve      B. raise     C. to improve    D. to raise

777. The fire broke________at five a.m. and half an hour later it _______.

A. out; was put out          B. off; died out

C. up; went out             D. in; was let out

778. Life in the country is quite different from _______ in the city.

A. one       B. the one     C. that      D. which

779. – Doctor, I have a terrible headache.

   --- _______.

A. Never mind              B. It doesn’t matter

C. That’s all right            D. Take it easy

780. Will you please show me the way to the only tall building ______stands near the post office?

A. /        B. which      C. that        D. where


781. He always ______ my friends.

A. makes fun            B. makes fun with

C. makes fun of          D. makes fun in

782. – How long have you worked in this library?

   ---Two years, but I’m thinking ________.

A. to stop    B. of stop    C. to stopping    D. of stopping

783. This pencil is different from _______.

A. that       B. those     C. that one      D. that ones

784. – John, why did you come so early for lunch today?

   --- Oh, I thought the bell __________.

A. had already rang         B. has already rung

C. already had rung         D. had already rung

785. Francis Preston Blair, Jr. _____ born in Kentucky , lived and practiced law in Missouri .

A. was      B. he was     C. although     D. who he was

786. To begin a trip is to set _____ on it.

A. to     B. up     C. out      D. by

787. – I’m going on a trip to Spain .

   ---Will you be there_______?

A. long time              B. for some long time

C. for long               D. longer

788. I did not call to book my ticket for the airline, but I ______.

A. should have    B. may have   C. must have    D. shall have

789. The manager was angry because somebody ___________.

A.      had allowed the photographers to enter the building

B.      had let the photographers to enter the building

C.      permitting the photographers enter the building

D.     the photographers let into the building without the permit

790. Your mother and I are looking forward __________ you.

A. of seeing    B. for seeing   C. to see    D. to seeing

791. His story proved ________.

A. truly    B. true      C. truth      D. true not

792. He gave ___________.

A.      to the class a tough classwork

B.      the class tough classwork

C.      tough classwork for the class

D.     a classwork very tough to the class

793. – I did it again. I slept until noon .

   --- ________through the alarm seems to be your biggest problem.

A. Asleep    B. To sleep    C. To be asleep    D. Sleeping

794. – Have you seen Mary today?

   --- Yes, I ________a minute ago.

A. see her come in        B. have seen her to come in

C. saw her come in        D. see her coming in

795. – Your English is about as perfect as it can be.

   --- Thanks. I’ve been _______ time.

A. to study long        B. studying for a long

C. studying hard       D. study hard

796. – Are there going to be many people at your party today?

   --- I hope that ______.

A. there will be               B. there are going

C. there are                  D. there going to be

797. I have been in London twice ______ 1965.

A. in     B. since      C. during    D. when

798. – Are you going to the football game?

   --- No. The tickets are _______ expensive for me.

A. very much    B. so much    C. too    D. highly


799. Would you please _______ an example to the children?

A. make   B. take    C. do    D. set

800. – Did the book give the information you need?

   --- Yes, but _________, I have to read it entirely.

A. for finding it            B. to find it

C. finding it               D. by finding it


801. – Is your new hat like the one in the window?

   --- No, but it is somewhat similar ________ that one over there.

A. than     B. for     D. as

802. – I waited for two hours.

   --- When did she_________?

   A. show off     B. show up     C. show on     D. show about

803. This house is very big and beautiful. I think the rent must be _______as that one.

A. three times more        B. three times as mucu

C. as many three times      D. as three times more

804. Mary said ___________.

A.      during the meeting Helen acted like a fool

B.      Helen during the meeting acted like a fool

C.      Helen acted during the meeting like a fool

D.     Helen acted like a fool during the meeting

805. Ms. Jones isn’t as nice ______ Ms Smith.

A. as    B. for     C. like     D. to

806. We are both pleased ______honoured to be the guests of the president.

A. also    B. and     C. alike      D. as

807. – Where did he go?

   ---He went to the bookstore________.

A. for buying a book            B. to buying a book

C. for a book                  D. buy a book

808. – Who is Alan Crockot?

   --- He is the speaker _______ heard last week.

A. we had    B. we    C. we would have    D. which we would have

809. – We’d better hurry or we’ll be late for the exhibition.

   ---No, we won’t. The museum doesn’t even open _____ another hour.

A. during   B. for    C. in   D. at

810. We were amazed to see the ________.

A.      amount of people waiting in line at Macy’s store

B.      number of people waiting in line at Macy’s

C.      amount of persons waiting in line at Macy’s

D.     amount of persons waiting at Macy’s in line

811. The ticket agent said that the plane would be boarding at ________.

A. the gate six            B. sixth gate

C. gate six               D. the six gate

812. I thought I saw Professor Davis ______ in the library last night.

A. working     B. to work    C. worked    D. works

813. – Is shopping there expensive?

   --- Yes, the price runs ______ fifty dollars.

A. so high to        B. as high to

C. so high as        D. as high as

814. On entering another country, a tourist will have to _____ the Customs.

A. pass through            B. pass by

C. pass over               D. pass for

815. The boy’s parents were prepared to go to any________to keep his name out of the papers.

A. ways    B. depths     C. measures    D. lengths

816. Some of these trousers go with the jackets and _____ are sold separately.

A. anothers   B. the other    C. some other    D. others

817. – Must we take a bus?

   ---No, you _______. You can walk from here.

A. must not               B. don’t must

C. don’t have to           D. better had it

818. –How did you feel after the car nearly hit you?

   --- I __________ for several moments.

A. stood shaking        B. was standing and shaken

C. stood in shaking        D. was standing shaken

819. – Why do you drink so much coffee?

   ---Well, ________ it doesn’t keep me awake nights, I see no harm in it.

A. although    B. as long as    C. as far as   D. for

820. – I guess Jones didn’t have the chance to win the election.

   ---He certainly didn’t. _________ the people in the city were for his opponent.

A. Almost all of               B. Most all of

C. Most of all                D. Almost the whole of


821. Who is going to ______ the cooking tonight?

A. make    B. fix    C. do    D. set

822. _______ his cold, he came first in the sports meet.

A. Regardless   B. In spite     C. In spite of    D. Despite of

823. Do you remember _______ my watch?

A. had I put   B. had put I   C. I put   D. put I

824. – Why did you bring so much luggage?

   --- Irene insisted ______ it all.

A. bringing   B. on bringing   C. to bring    D. that we bringing

825. – Will the cottage be cold?

   ---Yes. Make sure ________the heater.

A. you light    B. lighting    C. you’ll    D. for lighting

826. – I had to pay ten dollars for this bowl.

   ---It’s probably ________.

A. worth    B. worth so     C. worth them    D. worth it

827.--  Have you finished studying ?

   --- No, but I wish I ________.

A. would    B. had    C. should     D. have

828. – When will you move?

   ---As soon as _______ another apartment.

A. we’re finding          B. we found

C. we’d find             D. we find

829. I like Jean but I don’t like ________.

A. her sing            B. her singing

C. she sing            D. she singing

830. Mr. Brown is ______ the telephone now.

A. in   B. on   C. at     D. with

831. – What a boring speaker!

   --- Yes, by the time he finishes, everyone __________.

   A. will sleep    B. be sleep    C. will be asleep    D. will fall to sleep

832. – Did you watch Tim go to sleep?

--- Yes. He yawned, closed his book, and _____ down on the table.

   A. put his head           B. his head is

    C. is having his head    D. his head put

833. In fact, Mary would rather have left for San Francisco ______ in Los Angeles .

A. by staying    B. that stay   C. than have stayed   D. to stay

834. ________ left before the deadline it doesn’t seem likely that John will complete the job.

A. Although such a short time    B. It is a short

C. With so short time           D. With such short time

835. – I like your garden very much.

   --- Thanks. Everything is _________ now.

A. in bloom    B. by bloom     C. on bloom    D. at bloom

836. He likes to swim _________.

A. and to play tennis      B. and he also likes playing tennis

C. and playing tennis      D. and he likes to play tennis

837. This drink tastes a little _______ to me.

A. strongly   B. so strong    C. strong    D. too much strong

838. – Where are you going to do your shopping?

   --- I am going to the _________.

A. shoes’s       B. shoe store   C. shoes store    D. shoes’ store

839. It’s a shame that you have _______ time in New York on the tour.

A. so few       B. so little   C. a few     D. none

840. –Did you tell Betty about our change in plans?

--- Yes, I told her we’d be ________.

     A. some late   B. a little late   C. a few late minutes   D. late several minutes     

                               CCCBA  DBDBB  CACDA  ACBBB

841. Can you tell me _______to join the army?

A.      how a person has to be old

B.      how does a person have to be old

C.      how old a person has to be old

D.     how old does a person have to be

842. “If I hadn’t practiced when I was young, “ he says, “I _________able to play now.”

A. won’t be   B. wouldn’t be    C. would be   D. wouldn’t have been

843. All the doctors in the hospital insisted that he ____badly wounded and that he ____at once.

A. should be; be operated      B. were; must be operated on

C. was; should be operated     D. was; be operated on

844. Sorry, he is out, and ______ back until six o’clock .

A. he comes      B. he’ll come   C. he won’t come   D. he’ll be

845. You may go out _______you are back by eleven.

A. so long as   B. so long   C. so far     D. so fast

846. It is necessary that every student ______ eye exercises during the break.

A. do    B. does     C. must do    D. will do

847. Peter isn’t a hard-working student, for it is the third time he has been late, ______?

A. is he     B. isn’t it    C. has he    D. hasn’t he

848. – Why not go out and play football?

  --- ___________.

A. Yes, I think so           B. Yes, I will

C. It’s a good game         D. That’s a good idea

849. – Do you have any clothes _______? I’d like to wash them for you.

   ---No, thank you. I’ll wash them myself.

A. to be washed   B. to wash   C. washed   D. being washed

850. -- _________ is her elder brother ?

--- The man repairing the car over there.

A. Who    B. What     C. Where     D. Which one

851. Sara hopes to become a friend of _______ shares her interests.

A. anyone   B. whomever    C. whoever    D. no matter who

852. Shanghai is _______ the largest cities of China .

A. belonging to    B. belonged to   C. about   D. among

853. -- _______- John be coming here tonight?

   ---I’m not sure, but he ______stay at home.

   A. My; might         B. Can; must

C. Must; might           D. Can ; might

854. –Have you ever been to London ?

   ---Yes, _______ shall I forget _______it for the first time.

A. however; visiting          B. never; visiting

C. ever; to visit              D. forever; to have visited

855. – We haven’t heard from Jean for a long time.

   --- What do you think _______ to her?

A. was happened          B. was happening

C. happened              D. has happened

856. – Has Jane arrived yet?

   --- No, she ______ an hour ago.

A. was supposed to come       B. must have come

C. should come               D. ought to have come

857. – He didn’t understand me , did he?

   ---No, _________.

A. I didn’t think so            B. I don’t

C. I don’t hope that            D. I think so

858. – I didn’t gop to class last night because my car broke down.

   ---You ______ mine. I was using it.

A. could borrow    B. could have borrowed

C. may borrow      D. may have borrowed

859. – Such a sudden turn on the road is too difficult for the new driver, isn’t it?

   --- ________. He’s dealt with all kinds of troublesome situations before.

A.  No, it isn’t         B. Yes, it is

C. No, not yet          D. Yes, I think so

860. – Have you finished your composition?

  --- Oh, sorry, I _______ all about it.

   A. forget    B. forgot     C. has forgotten     D. had forgotten


861. – Will you argue with the teacher about your grades?

   --- No, I ‘ll _________.

A. let rest the matter        B. let the matter rest

C. let the matter resting      D. let resting the matter

862. – Are you ready now ?

   --- Yes. Let’s hurry_______ a seat near the front.

A. so to get                B. for getting

C. get                    D. and get

863. – I don’t think we should move in next week.

   --- Then are you considering ______ with us?

A. to live    B. living   C. lived      D. live

864. – Which is the car he drives?

   --- It’s _________.

A. cart fifty-four          B. the fifty-four car

C. fifty-four car           D. the fifty-fourth car

865. –How many brand-new cars there are !

   --- Automobile production in the last ten years has increased ________.

A. highly    B. high    C. great    D. greatly

866. This new soap is not much ______ the others that I have tried.

A. different    B. different than  C. different from   D. different that

867. – Did Alice learn Spanish in high school?

   --- I imagine ___________.

A. that    B. she was    C. so   D. it

868. – Is today your birthday?

   --- Yes, and my mother made _______.

A. a cake to me       B. me a cake

C. a cake me          D. a cake of me

869. – Ralph seems to like this country.

   ---Yes, he is _____ here as he was at home.

A. almost as happy    B. as happy almost

C. as almost happy    D. almost happy as

870. – Do you know anyone in Chicago ?

   --- No, but I’ll made friends once _________.

A. I’m settled    B. I’ll be settled   C. I’ve been settled   D. I had settled

871. – Shall we take a walk before dinner?

   ---Oh, yes, _______ is my favourite time of day.

A. the early evening it     B. in the early evening

C. the early of the evening    D. early evening

872. – What did you think of Bellow’s new book?

   --- I enjoyed ________ it.

A. to read    B. reading    C. to have read   D. the reading of

873. – I doubt that the guard will allow you to enter.

   --- I’m going in _________.

A. without his permitting     B. although he says other

C. no matter what he says     D. despite his saying it

874. –May I help you with some shoes, sir?

   --- Yes. I’d like to try on those brown __________.

A. one    B. ones    C. two     D. pair

875. – Shall I turn on the television?

   --- No. I’d rather not ________ television tonight.

A. watching    B. to watch    C. watch    D. for watching

876. –Have you seen the doctor?

   --- No, but _________-.

A. I go    B. I’m going to see    C. I go to see    D. I’m going to

877. – Will the child recover?

   ---Right now, there is no way__________.

A. for knowing   B. to have known   C. of knowing   D. to be known

878. – This cake is delicious!

   --- Well, at least it’s _______ the one I baked last week.

A. as worse as               B. no worse than

C. as better than              D. not better as

879. – Elizabeth borrowed the book a month ago.

   ---Then she should ______ it by now.

A. to finish   B. have finished    C. finish   D. had finished

880. When you refuse an offer, you turn it _______.

A. away    B. out   C. down   D. off


881. To visit someone unexpectedly is to drop _________.

A. out   B. in    C. off     D. down

882. – Shall I ask her to come?                                                      

   ---Yes. Please_________type these for me.

A. her to   B. have her   C. she has    D. has she

883. –Greg should have left the party an hour ago.

   ---Yes. I keep telling him to go , ____ he stays anyway.

A. because   B. but    C. instead    D. however

884. –Shall I open the window?

   ---Yes, please. I wish _______ it.

A. you would open     B. your opening

C. you shall open      D. you will open

885. To repair or improve the appearance of something is to fix it ______.

A. out    B. off    C. up    D. over

886. – Are you enjoying the studies here?

   ---Yes, very much. I wish I ________ have to leave so soon.

887. – What are you going to do next year?

   ---I don’t know. But it’s time ______ something.

A. I decided    B. I deciding   C. I’ll decide   D. I’d decide

888. –David is buying some apples for Maria.

   --- I’d like some for ________.

A. myself    B. me   C. she    D. herself

889. Today’s libraries differ greatly from _______.

A. the past    B. those of the past    C. that are past   D. those past

890. – Is Bush over his cold yet?

   --- He ________. He went ice-skating yesterday.

A. must be    B. ought to    C. will be    D. has to

891. – Shall I mail this letter for you?

   ---Yes. I’ll appreciate _________.

A. that you do     B. this    C. you to do it   D. it

892. Children learn very quickly. When they learn about a new subject they often ____.

A. become too interested      B. very much are interested

C. become much interested     D. are intereted very much

893. – I’m surprised to learn that you are going back to Chicago .

   --- Yes, I’d hoped that I ______ have to go back again, but I do.

A. don’t    B. won’t    C. hadn’t    D. wouldn’t

894. – Mr Anderson left for Columbus , Ohio long ago.

   ---Oh. That’s a pity. I wish ___________.

A. I’d meet him        B. I’ll have met him

C. I’d met him         D. I’d met him

895. – Anne acts in an unfriendly way.

   ---I think she is _______ than unfriendly.

A. shyer    B. shy   C. more shy rather   D. more shy

896. – How did you get your car out of the ditch.?

   --- ________ it.

A. Push    B. Having pushed   C. From pushing   D. By pushing

897. Only in recent years ______ begun to realize that wild dogs, kept within bounds, often do more good than harm.

    A. people have            B. since people have

C. have people                D. people who have

898. – For today’s homework, do pages forty and forty-one in the workbook.

   ---Professor Jones, I think that is ______ work.

A. too much   B. much the more   C. too hard   D. hardest

899. –I hear you and Francis will spend your vacation in Nepal next spring.

   ---Yes, we are planning ________.

A. to    B. to be   C. it   D. to do it

900. Irene ______New Hampshire in 1976 and _____ in Virginia since then.

A. left; worked   B. has left; has worked

C. left; has worked     D. has left; worked


901. – Did the tree fall to Bob, too?

   ---No, Bob jumped ________ the way.

A. out of    B. away from    C. beyond    D. from

902. Either Maria or Tom must have eaten _______ lunch here.

A. his    B. their    C. their    D. her

903. – Do you like the book Sidney gave you?

   --- Very much. It’s exactly _______ I wanted.

A. one which   B. the one   C. one what    D. the what

904. _______ you rather sit by the window.

A. Don’t    B. Will     C. Wouldn’t    D. Won’t

905. – Senator Mitchell has just arrived.

--- Really? I didn’t think he _____ until next week.

A. is coming   B. has come   C. was coming   D. had come

906. – It seems to me that they want it reasonably.

   ---No doubt it is, and maybe they would get it if they ______in a nice way.

   A. only asked for it           B. for it asked

   C. asked only for it           D. asked for it only

907. I prefer writing a term paper _____ taking an examination.

A. than     B. to      C. for      D. that

908. –My wife is visiting her mother today.

   ---In that case______ you have dinner with us tonight?

A. will      B. wouldn’t    C. won’t      D. can

909. – Does the school have any cars?

   ---Yes, it has two ________.

A. old German ones     B. German old ones

C. old Germans         D. old German

910. A good carpenter is likely to be very particular about another person’s using____tools.

A. out   B. his     C. their    D. her

911. Last Sunday was ______ that we took a drive in the country.

A. so beautiful day       B. such a beautiful a day

C. such a beautiful weather   D. so beautiful a day

912. That cake is delicious, but I can’t get ______ more.

A. any    B. some    C. no   D. much

913. – Will Susan get her Ph. D?

   --- It is likely she _________.

A. will   B. does    C. will do it   D. gets it

914. She ________ a beautiful nightgown.

A. dreesed       B. wore     C. was dressing   D. clothed

915. The policeman is looking for a ________ car.

A. stealing     B. stolen    C. steal     D. steals

916. Some boys have two names; ______ boys have three.

A. other     B. another    C. the other     D. none other

917. – I’m sorry. I broke your dish.

   ---It _______.

A. matter nothing all       B. has no matter anywayt

C. doesn’t matter          D. is no matter

918. I suggested that a meeting _______ at some other time.

A. holds    B. is holding    C. be held    D. hold

919. The bookstore had ordered ________ texts for all the students in the course.

A. plenty of     B. enough    C. as many   D. enough of

920. – I used to want to be a politician.

   ---I always dreamed _______ the conductor of an orchestra.

A. to become   B. that I will become

C. that I become    D. of becoming


921. -- I hear _____ number of workers of that factory_____out of work.

---Yes, and ______ number _____ quite large.

A. a; are; the; is        B. the; is; a; are

C. the; is; a; is          D. a; is; the; are

922. – Can I do the job?

   --- I’m afraid not, because it _______skill and patience.

A. calls on   B. calls out   C. calls up    D. calls for

923. Every minute must be made full use of _______our lessons, for the college entrance examination is coming. 

     A. going over go over  C. go over   D. our going over

924. – Do you mind if I open the window?

   ---________, but I have caught a bad cold today.

     A. No, not at all        B. Yes, of course not

     C. Yes, please          D. I’m sorry

925. I think it _______ to smoke, _____.

     A. was wrong; neither do I      B. wrong; so do I

     C. wrong; so I don’t           D. wrong; so I don’t so

926. – What was Tom doing when you went in?

   ---He had just finished his homework and _______read a novel.

    A. starting to   B. has started to   C. was starting to   D. has started to

927. She looks worried. She ________.

A.      mustn’t have passed the exam

B.      must fail in the exam

C.      can’t have got a good job

D.     must have lost the exam

928. By five o’clock this evening, the spaceship ______eighty times round the earth.

A. has traveled          B. will have traveled

C. has been traveling     D. traveled

929. Who do you think he would ______the letter of congratulations to the teacher?

A. have write  B. have written   C. have to write   D. have writes

930. Is this research center ______ you visited the modern equipment last year?

A. where    B. that   C. the one that    D. the one where

931. Why did you spend ________ money buying _____giftes?

A. so little; so small        B. such little; so little

C. so little; such little    D. such little; such little

932. – Has your brother got up?

   --- Sorry, I’m not sure. He ________got up.

A. must have   B. can’t have  C. would have   D. might have

933. He, like his parents, _____ flowers and watch the growth of them.

A. like to grow     B. likes to grow

C. likes growing      D. like growing

934. Such a little girl as you _____ ticket.

A. needs not   B. doesn’t need   C. needn’t to get   D. needs no

935. Seeing the soldiers well _____ for the flood-fight, the general nodded with satisfaction.

A. preparing   B. prepared   C. prepare   D. having prepared

936. Closing the factory means _____ more workers out of work.

A. to put   B. put   C. putting  D. being put

937. Some of the families in the flooded areas _____ their children to colleges, but the government provided them with the money________.

A.      couldn’t afford to send; needed 

B.      failed to afford to send; was needed

C.      didn’t afford to send; they needed

D.     couldn’t afford sending; needed

938. If Jim’s father ______ that he was going to play video games, he ______ him to go out.

A.      knew; would forbid

B.      had known; would forbid

C.      had known; would have forbidden

D.     knew; would have forbidden

939. Every means ________, but none proved _______.

A. have tried; successful        B. has been tried; successful

C. has tried; to be successfully   D. have been tried; successfully

940. – Did you check the progress of the project yourself last week?

   --- _________.

A.      Yes, I had                B. Yes, I checked  

B.      C. No, I had it checked      D. No, I checked the week before last



941. The news that they failed their driving test discouraged him, ________?

A. did they   B. didn’t they  C. did it    D. didn’t it

942. They are not very good, but we like _________.

A.      anyway to play basketball with them

B.      to play basketball with them anyway

C.      to play with them basketball anyway

D.     with them to play basketball anyway

943. My sister met him at the Grand Theatre yesterday afternoon, so he ________your lecture.

A. couldn’t have attended       B. needn’t have attended

C. mustn’t have attended        D. shouldn’t have attended

944. My uncle _______ until he was forty-five.

A. married   B. didn’t marry   C. was not marrying  D. would marry

945. Not a single song _____ at yesterday’s party.

A. she sang   B. sang she   C. did she sing   D. she did sing

946. _______ of the land in the district _____covered with trees and grass.

A. Two-fifth; is   B. Two-fifth; are   C. Two-fifths; is   D. Two-fifths; are

947. ________she couldn’t understand was ______fewer and fewer students showed interest in her class.

     A. What; why      B. That; what   C. What; because     D. Why; that

948. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, _____was very reasonable.

     A. which price   B. the price of which   C. its price  D. the price of whose

949. Someone is ringing the door bell. Go and see __________.

     A. who is he   B. who he is   C. who is it  D. who it is

950. She found her calculator ______ she lost it.

    A. where   B. when   C. in which   D. that

951. She sent me an e-mail, ______to get further information.

    A. hoped    B. hoping    C. to hope    D. hope

952. I know nothing about the young lady ______ she is from Beijing .

    A. except   B. except for   C. except that   D. besides

953. What he has done is far from _______.

    A. satisfactory      B. satisfied    C. satisfaction   D. satisfy

954. You’are standing too near the camera. Can you move ________?

    A. a bit far   B. a little farther   C. a bit of farther   D. a little far

955. Greenland , _______ island in the world, covers over two million square kilometers.

    A. it is the largest     B. that is the largest

C. is the largest       D. the largest

956. If only he ________quietly as the doctor instructed, he would not suffer so much now.

A. lies   B. lay    C. had lain    D. should lie

957. ________in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States .

A. Being founded    B. It was founded   C. Founded    D. Founding

958. An awful accident ________, however, occur the other day.

A. does    B.   did     C. has to     D. had to

959. The ______ boy was last seen ____ near the East Lake .

A. missing; playing   B. missing; play   C. missed; played  D. missed; to play

960. Tony was very unhappy for ________to the party.

A. having not been invited        B. not having invited

C. having not invited             D. not having been invited

961. – Shall I help you with that suitcase?

   --- ___________.

A. It’s all right, thanks         B. Yes, go ahead, please

C. I don’t want trouble you too much   D. No, please don’t do it

962. – You have given us a wonderful Chinese dinner, Mrs Wang.

   --- ____________.

A.      Oh, I am afraid I didn’t cook very well

B.      I’m glad you enjoyed it

C.      Come again when you are free

D.     It’d not necessary for you to say so

963. – Do you mind if I keep pets in this building?

   --- __________.

A. I’d rather you didn’t, actually        B. Of course not, it’s not allowed here

C. Great! I love pets                  D. No, you can’t

964. – I don’t have any change with me. Will you pay the fare for me?

   --- ____________.

A. That’s fine   B. nothing serious    C. Never mind   D. No problem

965. – I didn’t know this was one-way street, officer.

   --- ____________.

A.      That’s right               B. I don’t believe you 

B.      C. How dare you say that    D. Sorry, but that’s no excuse

966. The lion is considered the king of the forest as it is a (n) _______of courage and power.

A. example   B. sign   C. mark    D. symbol

967. We volunteered to collect money to help the ______of the earthquake.

A. victims     B. folks     C. fellows    D. villagers

968. If you don’t take away all your things from the desk, there won’t be enough ______for my stationery.

     A. area     B. place     C. room     D. surface

969. One of the advantages of living on the top floor of a highrise is that you can get a good______.

     A. sight    B. scene     C. view      D. look

970. – Excuse me, may I ask you some questions?

   ---Sorry, I’m too busy and haven’t even a minute to _______.

     A. spend     B. spare     C. share     D. stop

971. Although the working mother is very busy, she still _____a lot of time to her children.

     A. devotes     B. spends    C. offers     D. provides

972. When I opened the door, a parcel on the floor _______ my eye.

     A. met    B. caught     C. drew    D. attracted

973. After the president made an official announcement, she expressed her _____opinion.

     A. personal     B. private    C. single   D. individual

974. Alice laid her baby on the sofa______and wrapped it with a blanket.

     A. silently   B. tenderly   C. friendly    D. comfortably

975. Fred is second to none in maths in our class, but belive it or not, he _____passed the last exam.

     A. easily   B. hardly    C. actually    D. successfully

976. Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. ______, our minds are developed by learning.      

     A. Probably    B. Likely     C. Similarly   D. Generally

977. He holds an important position in the company; ________, I don’t quite trust him.

     A. thus      B. furthermore     C. otherwise    D. nevertheless

978. If you had ______your test paper carefully before handing it in, you would have made fewer mistakes.

     A. looked up    B. thought about    C. gone over   D. gone round

979. It is widely accepted that young babies learn to do things because certain acts lead to _____.

     A. rewards    B. prizes      C. awards      D. results

980. I wrote him a letter to show my _____of his thoughtfulness.

     A. achievement    B. agreement    C. attention    D. appreciation


981. The police have ______power to arrest bad people by ______law.

    A. the; the    B. / ; the    C. / ; /    D. the; /

982. When their first child was born, they _____for three years.

     A. had married   B. got married   C. had been married   D. had got married

983. – The housework is too much for me, Jack.

   ---Sorry, but I can’t help______ it, Joan. I’ve got something important to do, you know.

     A. do      B. doing       C. to be doing      D. having done

984. – Have a sweet dream.

   --- ________.

     A. Yes, I will    B. Thank you all the same   C. All right   D. You too

985. You can never imagine what great difficulty I have _____ your house.

     A. found   B. finding   C. to find   D. for finding

986. – I’m too busy to go to the cinema with you, John.

   --- _________. The film is said to be a very good one.

     A. That’s all right    B. I’m so sorry  C. What a shame    D. It’s too disappointed

987. That’s funny! I remember putting my glasses on my desk, but now they’re_______.

     A. missed    B. broken     C. gone    D. disappeared

988. I came home very late last night, _____, early this morning.

     A. at latest     B. on the whole   C. in a word     D. or rather

989. You look not a bit older than you did five years ago. How do you________ so young?

     A. change    B. grow    C. become     D. stay

990. So funny _______ that everybody burst out laughing.

     A. she looked    B. was she looking   C. did she look    D. had she looked

991. Everything _____into consideration, they ought to have another chance.

     A. to take        B. taken    C. to be taken     D. taking

992. It’s pity that the quarrel ______their friendship.

     A. broke up   B. put down    C. gave up    D. took away

993. I think you’ve got to the point _______ a change is needed, otherwise you’ll fail.

     A. when     B. that     C. where    D. which

994. – Why did she spend so much time searching shop after shop only for a blouse?

   --- Oh, she was very _______about her clothes.

     A. special     B. particular     C. especial     D. unusual

995. I’d like you to meet David, a ________ cowboy.

     A. dark, handsome, tall            B. tall, handsome, dark

     C. handsome, dark, tall            D. tall, dark, handsome

996. – what do people wear when they go to the theatre?

   --- Well, it isn’t very _____. People can wear anything they like.

    A. normal     B. certain    C. modern   D. simple

997.--  Lucy, you wash the dishes, _______?

   --- Mum, can’t Lily do it? It’s her turn.

    A. don’t you    B. can you     C. shall you     D. will you

998. – Did you visit the famous museum?

   --- No. We ________ it, but we spent too much time shopping.

     A. could have visited        B. must have visited

     C. can’t have visited         D. shouldn’t have visited

999. – Where is George? He said he would meet me here at 3.

   --- He seems _________ with Mr. Brown in the office.

      A. to talk     B. to be talking     C. to have talked    D. talking

1000. – I heard Back Street boys will sing at the New Theatre.

   --- Where did you _______?

    A. pick that up    B. put that up    C. make that up   D. take that up