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1-- Look! It looks as if it          going to rain. We must hurry.

  -- OK. 2003东城)

A. was              B. is            C. were              D. will be

2 I         ping-pong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the new year. 2001全国)

A. will play    B. have played            C. played            D. play

3-- Alice, hey didn’t you come yesterday?

   -- I        , but I had an unexpected visitor. 1997全国)

A. had              B. would                   C. was going to         D. did

4-- Was Tom there when you arrived?

  -- Yes, but he        home soon afterwards.

A. had gone         B. has gone         C. is going                 D. went

5-- Tom came back home the day before yesterday.

   -- Really? Where        at all?  2003湖北八校)

A. had he been                               B. has he been

C. had he gone                               D. has he gone

6By the end of last year, another new gymnasium        in Beijing. 2003上海春季)

A. would be completed                            B. was being complete  

C. has been completed                           D. had been completed

7Hundreds of jobs          if the factory closes. 2001 北京春季)

A. lose               B. will be lost              C. are lost         D. will lose

8The two boys argued and then hit each other; all the four parents        at one another.

A. had arrived and shouted                B. arriving and shouting

C. arrived and shouted                       D. arrived and shouting

9-- Is Paul playing both soccer and tennis for the school?

  -- He        . But now he has given up playing tennis. 2003海淀)

A. is                   B. has                C. was               D. had

10-- What do you think of my composition?

   -- It       well       a few spelling mistakes. 2003石家庄)

A. reads; except for                                B. read; besides  

C. is read; except for                       D. is read; besides

11Rainforests        and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future. 2002上海春季)

A. cut                B. are cut                         C. are being cut          D. had been cut

12All the preparations for the task         , and we’re ready to start. 2000北京春季)

A. completed                                         B. complete              

C. had been completed                            D. have been completed

13Mr. Smith        in the school twenty years by July.

A. has worked     B. worked           C. has been working   D. will have worked

14-- Put these glasses away before they         .

  -- Ok. I’ll put them in the cupboard. 2003海淀)

A. have broken     B. are breaking     C. get broken      D. will be broken

15-- I was sent to hospital last night.

   -- You        within an inch of life, and didn’t know it. 2003兰州)

A. have been       B. are                 C. were                    D. would be

16John and I        friends for eight years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we        each other a couple of times before that. 2002北京春季)

A. had been; have seen                            B. have been; have seen

C. had been; had seen                             D. have been; had seen

17E-mail, as well as telephones,         an important part in daily communication. 1999上海)

A. is playing        B. have played            C. are playing      D. play

18The thief        when he was stealing a wallet from a woman.

A. happened to notice                      B. was taken place to notice

C. was happened to be noticed          D. happened to be noticed

19-- When did he go to America?

  -- Oh, he        there since half a year ago. 2003西城)

A. went              B. has been         C. has gone        D. was

20-- How long        at this job?

  -- Sine 1990. 2003北京春季)

A. were you employed                           B. have you been employed  

C. had you been employed                       D. will you be employed

21-- You’ve left the light on.

   -- Oh, so I have.         and turn it off. 2000全国)

A. I’ll go            B. I’ve gone               C. I go                      D. I’m going

22-- You’ve agreed to go, but why aren’t you getting ready?

-- But I         that you        me to start at once.

A. don’t realize; want                        B. don’t realize; wanted

C. didn’t realize; wanted                    D. haven’t realized; want

23 -- What happened to the postman?

   -- I don’t know. He        around here for a long time.

A. hasn’t seen    B. didn’t see       C. wasn’t seen           D. hasn’t been seen

24-- What were you up to when she dropped in?

   -- I        for a while and       some reading. 2003成都)

A. was playing; was going to do       B. played; did

C. had played; was going to do                 D. had played; did

25It        long before we        the result of the experiment. 2002上海春季)

A. will not; be will know                         B. is will; know  

C. will not; be know                               D. is; know

26-- Hi, Tracy, you look tired.

   -- I am tired. I         the living room all day. 1998全国)

A. painted           B. had painted             C. have been painting    D. have painted

27It will be a long time        Frank        back from abroad.

A. before; comes                             B. since; has come

C. when; will come                          D. after; came

28 Come and see me whenever          . 2003北京)

A. you are convenient                             B. you will be convenient  

C. it is convenient                                   D. it will be convenient to you

29        some of this juice - perhaps you’ll like it. 2000北京春季)

A. Trying           B. Try                      C. To try                  D. Have tried

30-- Don’t you know I make the decision here?

   --          , not until you        me.

A. Yes; have told                             B. No; have told         

C. Yes; tell                                      D. No; are telling

31A gentle wind       through the tree. In the distance, I       a racing car moving across the dusty plain. 2003黄冈中学)

A. was blowing; noticed                   B. blew; had noticed   

C. had blown; was noticing              D. has blown; have noticed

32-- How are the team playing?

-- They’re playing well, but one of them         hurt. 2002北京春季)

A. got                B. gets                      C. are                 D. were

33-- Is this raincoat yours?

   -- No, mine        there behind the door. 1997全国)

A. hangs            B. has hung               C. is hanging     D. hung

34It was until then that I came to know that knowledge        only from practice.

A. has come         B. comes             C. came              D. had come

35-- Isn’t it hard to drive downtown to work?

   -- Yes, that’s why I        to work by rain. 2003东北三校)

A. have been going                         B. have gone   

C. was going                                  D. will have gone

36The price          , but I doubt whether it will remain so. 1999全国)

A. went down    B. will go down          C. has gone down      D. was going down

37-- I’ve heard Bob        from his journey to Africa.

  -- What about visiting him tonight?

A. had come back                            B. coming back  

C. come back                                 D. is back

38 --          the sports meet might be put off.

   Yes, it all depends on the weather. 1995全国)

A. I’ve been told    B. I’ve told                C. I’m told                D. I told

39The news came as no surprise to me. I       for some time that the factory was going to shut down. 2003北京)

A. had known            B. knew       C. have known   D. know

40Unfortunately when I arrived she         , so we only had time for a few words.

A. just left          B. has just left      C. was just leaving    D. had just left

41I’ve won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. I          my mum. 2001北京春季)

A. am taking       B. have taken       C. take       D. will have taken

42-- Look! Somebody has broken a glass.

  -- Well, it        me. I         that.

A. wasn’t; didn’t go                        B. isn’t; haven’t done

C. wasn’t; hadn’t done                     D. isn’t; didn’t go

43-- Can I help you, Madam?

   -- No, thanks. I          . 2003山西试验中学)

A. have just looked around               B. just look around

C. am just looking around                 D. just looked around

44 In such dry weather, the flowers will have to be watered if they         . 2001上海)

A. have survived    B. are to survive         C. would survive         D. will survive

45Will these flowers be watered         ?

A. every few days        B. after hours      C. has been working    D. will have worked

46 -- Has Tommy finished his job yet?

   -- I have no idea of it; he        it this morning. 2003重庆)

A. was doing     B. had been doing   C. has done               D. did

47The new suspension bridge        by the end of last month. 2001上海春季)

A. has been designed                              B. had bee designed    

C. was designed                              D. would be designed

48-- How do you usually go to work?

   -- If it is fine, I         on foot.

A. will go            B. go                  C. have gone       D. won’t go

49The reporter said that the UFO         east to west when he saw it. 2000全国)

A. was traveling    B. traveled                C. had been traveling     D. was to travel

50-- David and Vicky        married?

  -- For about three years. 2003北京)

A. How long were; being                         B. How long have; got  

C. How long have; been                           D. How long did; get

51-- Hey, look where you are going!

   -- Oh, I’m terribly sorry.          . 1999全国)

A. I’m not noticing                                B. I wasn’t noticing    

C. I haven’t noticed                                D. I don’t notice

52-- Excuse me, sir. Would you do me a favor?

   -- Of course. What is it?

   -- I         if you could tell me how to fill out this form. 2002北京)

A. had wondered         B. was wondering  C. would wonder       D. did wonder

53-- Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow.

   --           . 1994全国)

A. I don’t                 B. I won’t          C. I can’t                  D. I haven’t

54You needn’t hurry her; she        it by the time you are ready. 2003黄冈中学)

A. will have finished                        B. will finish  

C. will be finishing                          D. has finished

55-- You haven’t said a word about my new coat, Brenda. Do you like it?

   -- I’m sorry I        anything about it sooner. I certainly think it’s pretty on you. 2002全国)

A. wasn’t saying        B. don’t say        C. won’t say       D. didn’t say

56Our team was ahead during the first half, but we         in the last ten minutes. 2003黄冈中学)

A. had lost           B. would lose       C. were losing            D. lost

57A new cinema        here. They hope to finish it next month. 2001北京春季)

A. will be built     B. is built                   C. has been built         D. is being built

58At this time tomorrow         over the Atlantic.   2003北京)

A. we’re going to fly    B. we’ll be flying    C. we’ll fly        D. we’re to fly

59-- I’ve bought a box of chocolates for our daughter.

   -- Oh, how good a dad! But she doesn’t like sweet things.        that?2003西城)

A. Don’t you know                          B. Haven’t you known   

C. Didn’t you know                                D. Hadn’t you known

60He         and was made to repeat it.

A. didn’t understand                        B. didn’t be understood

C. wasn’t understand                       D. wasn’t understood

61-- When will you come to see me, Dad?

  -- I will go to see you when you         the training course. 2003北京春季)

A. will have finished      B. will finish       C. are finishing           D. finish

62        blood if you can and many lives will be saved. 2001上海春季)

A. Giving          B. Give                      C. Given                   D. To give

63-- Sorry, I       to post the letter for you.

   -- Never mind.       it myself after school.

A. forget; I’d rather post                   B. forgot; I’m going to post

C. forgot; I’ll post                                 D. forget; I’d better post

64-- Did you come to the museum by bike yesterday?

  -- No. Two meters of snow fell during the night. As a result, several main roads      . 2003东城)

A. piled snow                                  B. had been closed       

C. were blocked                              D. covered with snow

65Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology        so rapidly. 2001全国)

A. is changing    B. has changed           C. will have changed          D. will change

66-- Your phone number again? I         quite catch it.

   -- It’s 9568442. 1995全国)

A. didn’t             B. couldn’t                C. don’t             D. can’t

67Old Macdonald gave up smoking for a while, but soon        to his old ways. 2000北京春季)

A. returned         B. returns                         C. was returning        D. had returned

68 After everybody         , the concert began. 2003太原)

A. was seated    B. seated            C. is seated               D. was sat

69-- Will you go to the party?

  -- Of course I will if          . 2003东城)

A. I was invited    B. invited            C. having invited  D. I will be invited

70This is Ted’s photo. We miss him a lot. He         trying to save a child in the earthquake. 2002北京春季)

A. killed              B. is killed           C. was killed       D. was killing

71Nobody knew when the fire        , but they knew it        the next morning.

A. broke out; was put out                 B. was broken out; was put out

C. broke out; put out                       D. was broken out; went out

72In 1960, this was the longest bridge that          . 2003东北三校)

A. was ever built                             B. had ever built   

C. has ever been built                       D. had ever been built

73-- You’re drinking too much.

   -- Only at home. No one         me but you. 2000北京春季)

A. is seeing         B. had seen                C. sees              D. saw

74-- Look! Someone has spilt coffee on the carpet.

  -- Well, it         me. 2003海淀)

A. isn’t               B. wasn’t           C. hasn’t been    D. hadn’t been

75 --           my dictionary.

  -- Yes. I put it in your desk just now. 2003东城)

A. Do you see       B. Have you seen    C. Did you see     D. Had you seen

76Visitors        not to touch the exhibits. 2001全国)

A. will request    B. request                  C. are requesting      D. are requested

77-- Did you write to Mary last month?

   -- No, but I’ll        her over Christmas Day.

A. be seen          B. be seeing        C. have seen        D. have been seeing

78The pupils here         all kinds of exercises every day in the past four weeks.

A. kept busy doing                           B. keep on doing  

C. have kept busy doing                    D. have been kept busy doing

79-- What were you doing when Tom came to see you?

   -- I        on my overcoat and        to visit a friend of mine.

A. have just put; leaving            B. was put; was left

C. had just put; was leaving               D. was putting; left

80-- He promised to come to see you.

   -- But he         . I’ve been alone.

A. doesn’t          B. didn’t             C. won’t                   D. hasn’t

81 I feel it is your husband who        for the spoiled child. 2002上海)

A. is to blame      B. is going to blame     C. is to be blamed       D. should blame

82-- Will you go skiing with me this winter vacation?

   -- It         . 2002上海)

A. all depend       B. all depends      C. is all depended       D. is all depending

83They said good-bye, little knowing that they        again.

A. were never met                           B. will never meet

C. never met                                   D. were never to meet

84-- Do you know anyone in Paris?

   -- No, I’ll make friends once         .

A. I’m settled      B. I have settled    C. I’ll be settled    D. I’m settlin

85You       things about. Look, what a mess in your room! 2003西城)

A. always throw                              B. have always thrown  

C. are always throwing                     D. have always been throwing

86Shirley         a book about China last year but I don’t know whether she has finished it. 1998全国)

A. has written       B. wrote                    C. had written    D. was writing

87Helen       her key in the office so she had wait until her husband        home. 1996全国)

A. has left; comes                                     B. left; had come        

C. had left; came                                     D. had left; would come

88-- Have you heard from Janet recently?

   -- No, but I         her over Christmas. 2003成都)

A. saw               B. will be seeing    C. have seen       D. have been seeing

89 Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge? It will        fresh for several days. 2003全国)

A. be stayed               B. stay               C. be staying       D. have stayed

90-- What happened to the priceless works of art?

   --            . 2003北京春季)

A. They were destroyed in the earthquake    B. The earthquake was destroying

C. They destroyed in the earthquakes       D. The earthquake destroyed them

91-- Hello, Jim. I         to see you today. Sonia said you         ill.

   -- Oh, I’m OK.    2003黄冈市)

A. don’t expect; were              B. haven’t expected; are

C. am not expecting; are                   D. didn’t expect; were

92        it with me and I’ll see what I can do. 1999全国)

A. When left       B. Leaving                 C. If you leave           D. Leave

93-- I haven’t seen you for ages. Where have you been?

   -- I         on leave in Europe. 2003重庆)

A. have been       B. am                 C. was              D. had been

94-- How are you today?

   -- Oh, I        all ill as I do now for a very long time. 2000全国)

A. didn’t feel     B. wasn’t feeling  C. don’t feel       D. haven’t felt

95I don’t think Jim saw me; he        into space. 1995全国)

A. just stared      B. was just staring      C. has just stared        D. had just stared

96-- Have you moved into the new classroom?

  -- Not yet. The classroom         .

A. is being painted                           B. is painting   

C. is painted                                    D. has been painted

97By the time you get to the airport, she        for New Zealand. 2003武汉)

A. would be leaving                          B. has already left

C. is leaving                                   D. will have left

98He        in a shower last night and was wet through.

A. caught                  B. was caught      C. had caught      D. caught up

99My uncle        until he was forty-five. 2000上海)

A. married          B. didn’t marry          C. was not marrying     D. would marry

100He        to the lab than he set out to do the experiment.  1999上海)

A. has no sooner got                               B. no sooner got  

C. will no sooner get                                      D. had no sooner got

101-- Would you care for a cup of tea?

  -- I        one. Thank you just the same.

A. have had        B. had                C. would have    D. will have

102All morning as she waited for the medical report from the doctor, her nervousness        . 2003全国)

A. has grown                   B. is growing      C. grew       D. had grown

103I have no idea what         while I was asleep.

A. has happened                             B. was happened  

C. happened                                   D. had happened

104If a man       succeed, he must work as hard as he can. 1995上海)

A. will               B. is to                      C. is going to             D. should

105I’ve brought my tennis things along in case we        time for a game tomorrow. 2003西城)

A. shall have        B. have               C. will have        D. are going to have

106I thought Jim would say something about his school report, but he        it. 2003上海)

A. doesn’t mention                                 B. hadn’t mentioned    

C. didn’t mention                                    D. hasn’t mention

107I wonder why Jenny         us recently. We should have heard from her by now. 2002全国)

A. hasn’t written         B. doesn’t write     C. won’t write           D. hadn’t write

108-- Come on, Shela. I want to show you something.

   -- Oh, how nice of you. I        you        to bring me a gift.

A. didn’t think; were going               B. never think; are going

C. never through; were going                  D. hadn’t thought; were going

109-- Look! How long          like this?

-- Three weeks! It’s usual here that rain        without stopping these days of the year. 2003黄冈中学)

A. has it rained; pours                      B. has it been raining; pours

C. is it raining; is pouring           D. does it rain; pours

110-- Can I help you, sir?

   -- Yes, I bought this radio here yesterday, but it         . 1996全国)

A. didn’t work           B. won’t work           C. can’t work      D. doesn’t work

111 I don’t really work here, I       until the new secretary arrives. 1994全国)

A. just help out                                       B. have just helped out 

C. am just helping out                              D. will just help out

112The little girl        her heart out because she         her heart out because she wasn’t ever going to find it. 2002北京)

A. had cried; lost                              B. cried; had lost  

C. has cried; has lost                               D. cries; has lost

113When and where to go for the on-salary holiday        yet?2003上海春季)

A. are not decided                                  B. have not been decided 

C. is not being decided                            D. has not been decided

114-- Who is the old man talking with your teacher?

   -- I don’t know. I        him before. 2003武汉)

A. was never seeing                               B. had never seen   

C. never saw                                   D. wouldn’t see

115An awful accident         , however, occur the other day. 2000上海)

A. does              B. did                 C. has to            D. had to

116-- The telephone is ringing. 

   -- I        answer it. 2003石家庄)

A. will                B am going to    C. am to                  D. am about

117He will have learned English for eight years by the time he        from the university next year. 2002上海)

A. will graduate                               B. will have graduated

C. graduates                                   D. is to graduate

118        at the door before entering, please. 2001北京春季)

A. Knocked        B. To knock        C. Knocking       D. Knock


1B  表示一个推测,排除AC,因为AC用的是过去时,而Dwill be和后面的going to 重复,所以选B

2D  从常识可知,一个人一旦获得了某种技能,这种技能就会保持很长一段时间,而不会因短期内不训练而失去。虽然在今年没有时间训练,但乒乓球仍然打得很好,要用一般现在时态。

3C  现在打算来,可是我家来了一位不速之客。was going to come表示过去打算来;would come表示过去愿意来。

4D  首句提供的信息,可判定答语中的事实已成为过去。

5A  came back是过去,而问句中的动作发生在came back之前,是过去的过去,所以用过去完成时,而且Tom已经回来,所以要用be动词,而gone是去了某地未回。

6D  by the end of last year常与过去完成时连用。表示到过去的某个时候前已经完成的动作。

7B  lose jobs失业。主语是jobs,谓语要用被动语态。条件句中的谓语动词的一般现在时表示将来。

8C  arguehitarriveshout是按次序出现四个并列的动词,分别充当两个分句的谓语,故均用一般过去时。

9C  was表示他过去一直是这样,但现在不是了。

10A   read在这里主动表被动,能这样用的动词有write washetc。而except for意思是除了,暗指一个整体事物中与其它部分的共性不同的例外的部分。

11C  根据句子的语境they will disappear from the earth in the near future可以判断出要用被动语态的现在进行时,说明雨林正在被砍伐、焚烧。

12D  现在完成时表示过去所做的事对现在的影响。所提供的情景and we’re ready to start(我们正准备开始)表明一切准备工作已经就绪,可以开始工作了。

13D  by时间短语表示进来时间时,常和将来完成时连用,表示某动作将来在某时之前完成

14C  broken是动词过去分词表被动,get done是固定用法。

15A  have been指过去某种状态度效果影响到现在。

16D  到现在为止约翰和我认识八年了。要用现在完成时。我们认识前曾见过几面,要用过去完成时。过去完成时表示在认识之前所发生的事,即过去的过去

17A  E-mail和电话正在日常通信中起着重要作用。表示现在正在发生的事,要用现在进行时。主语是E-mail,谓语动词要用单数形式。as well as前面是真正的主语,而其后的词作as well as的宾语。

18D  happentake place不用于被动语态,但happen to(碰巧)之后的不定式可以有被动语态。本题notice与主语thief是动宾关系,故用不定式的被动式。

19B  since+一般过去式出现时,主语一般用现在完成时态。

20B  根据since 1990可确定应用现在完成时。

21A  表示将要去关灯用一般现在时。andturn it off是原形,所以I’m going不能作为答案。

22C  说话时已经认识到没认识到已是过去的事。

23D  从时间状语for a long time可知到说话时间为止长时间邮递员未被见到了。故用现在完成被动时。

24C  由第一句可判断出第二句描述的事情发生在过去,for a while是相对于when she dropped in来说的,when she dropped in我已经玩了一会儿了,因此该用过去完成时态。再看后一个动作,承接着前面for a while之后,因此应用过去将来时,表示过去那个时间将要发生的动作,故选C

25C  我们将在不久知道试验的结果。要用一般将来时。It will not be long是主句,不久;在before引导的时间状语从句中,要用一般现在时表示将来。

26C  时间状语是all day,要用现在完成进行时。现在完成进行时表示在一段时间内连续干某事。

27A  此句是由before引起的时间状语从句,主句用了将来时,从句则用一般现在时。

28C  convenient方便的,其主语常为itWhenever引导时间状语从句,其谓语动词要用一般现在时,不能用一般将来时。

29B  这是一个祈使句,要用动词原形。

30B  答语的含意是:NoI don’t know it until you have told me.till/until从句中常用一般时或现在完成时。

31A  一阵轻风正吹过树梢,我注意到远处一辆跑车正驰过旷野。

32A  got hurt受伤,get后接过去分词表示被动。受伤的事发生在过去,要用一般过去时。

33C  动词hang既可以做及物动词也可以作不及物动词。在这道题中hang是不及物动词,现在进行时表示正悬挂在那儿。

34B     knowledge comes from practice是客观整理,该用一般现在时,不受宾语从句的时态限制。

35A  前者问:开车去市区很难?后者说:是的,那就是我坐火车去上班的理由。显然坐火车去上班的动作发生在过去持续到现在并将继续持续下去,应用现在完成进行时。

36C  所提供的情景是but I doubt whether it will remain so.说明物价已经下降,要用现在完成时。

37D  主句动词have heard听说解,其后接到是省略that的宾语从句。Be back from表示从……归来的状态。由于本题中的hear不作听见解,故不可选分词作宾补。

38A  有人告诉我运动会可能延期举行是的,这全取决于天气。要用被动语态I’m told是一般现在时,表示经常发生的动作,不能作为答案。

39A  根据所提供的情景The news came as no surprise to me和时间状语for a some time可确定答案。过去完成时表示过去的过去,表示在消息到来之前就知道工厂要破产

40C  用过去进行时表示从过去某时看来就要发生的事。

41A  所提供的情景I’ve won a holiday for two weeks to Florida. 中的谓语是现在完成时,表明说话人正在度假,所以后一个句子要用现在进行时态。

42A  首句用现在完成时,表示杯子破了这件事至今仍是谈论的话题。答话人表示不是我打破的打破杯子则是过去某个时刻发生的行为,故用过去时。

43C  此处用I am just looking around表示我只是正在随便看看,just可以和现在进行时连用,表示只是怎么怎么样。

44B  在条件状语从句中,谓语动词不能用一般将来时,但可以用be to do sth

45C  A项只用于一般时,BD两项只用于过去时,within+时间段可用于过去时,现在和将来时。

46A  上文说汤姆完成他的工作了吗?下文说不知道,又见他今早在工作工作的动作发生在从过去开始持续一段时间,至于现在完成否,不得而知,但今早他正在干,应该用过去进行时。

47B  在含有by引导的时间状语的句子中,谓语动词要用过去完成时。到上个月为止已完成了吊桥的设计。

48B  从上句usually可判定下句中的go on foot是经常性的行为。此题易根据If it is fine的无效信息而误选A

49A  叙述报告者当时看到UFO的情景,要用过去进行时。

50C   根据时间状语for about three years可确定应用现在完成时。在完成时态中,非延续性动词如goget等,不能和表示延续的时间状语连用,所以选项B不能作为答案。

51B  表示刚才没有注意到,要用过去进行时。

52B  在这个句子中用过去进行时表示在对方问话之前自己正在想到事。

53B  对方告诫不要忘记明天来参加生日集会,表示将来,要用一般将来时来回答,意思是(明天)我不会忘记的

54A  将来完成时,将来某时某刻之前完成的动作。

55D  过去对新大衣没做任何评价,要用一般过去时。Sooner表示快、早,不表示将来,不能选won’t say

56D  but前后里那个半句应用相同时态,后半句在说比赛结果,应用一般过去时lost

57D  所提供的情景They hope to finish it next month. 说明电影院还在建设中,要用现在进行时态。

58B   at this time tomorrow表示在明天的这个时候发生的事,要与将来进行时连用。

59C  译为:--我为我们的女儿买了一盒巧克力。--多么好的爸爸呀!但是她不喜欢甜味食品,难道你不知道吗?答语含有强烈的讽刺意味,反问语为:在我说之前你不知道吗?所以用过去时。

60D  He…was made to repeat it可推断他的话未被人理解,故用被动语态。

61D  when引导的时间状语从句中,谓语动词要用一般现在时。

62B  这是一个祈使句,要用动词原形。and连接两个句子,构成祈使句+and+句子的句型。If you can是条件状语从句。如果可能,就献血吧,许多生命将会得救。

63C  表示现在已忘记了某事记不得了,常用过去时来代替现在完成时;答句用I’ll post表示单纯未来,如选B,则意为我打算去寄,不符合上句的语境.

64C  根据题意应用被动语态,排除AD,而Bclosed不准确,应用were blocked被阻塞

65A  选择移动电话难的原因是由于科技正在飞速发展,要用现在进行时态。

66A  所提供的情景说明对方刚才没有听清楚,要用一般过去时。I couldn’t quite catch it.我刚才没能听清楚。不能作为答案。

67A  比较两个并列句的时态可以看出,都表示过去发生的事,要用一般过去时。

68A  seat表示坐的时候用于被动语态,sit则用主动语态,根据时态,因此,正确选项为A

69B  此处I will if invited省略了I am,译为:如果被邀请的话,我就会去。A项中过去时不符,C项主动语态不符,D项将来时不符。If后用虚拟,前面用的是将来时,后面应退一个时态,用一般现在时。

70C   虽然前面两句都用了一般现在时,但是从意思可知,Ted在地震中抢救儿童发生在过去,要用被动语态度一般过去时。

71A  break out是不及物动词,表示火灾发生扑灭put out是及物动词,前者不用于被动语态,后者可用于被动语态。

72D  was可知要用过去时,又由the longest可知有比较意味,要用完成时。

73C  所提供的场景Only at home说明只在家里喝得多,平时除了之外,每人看见喝得多。表示的是经常性的动作,要用一般现在时。

74B  前句是现在完成时,表示已经完成的动作对现在造成的影响,故后面回答用过去时。

75B  根据时态排除AD,用BC更好一些,过去的动作对现在有影响,用现在完成时好一些。

76D  要求参观者必要触摸展品。要用被动语态。

77B  将来进行时will/shall be doing sth可用于表达预计将发生或势必要发生的动作,在一般情况下可和一般将来时换用,用将来进行时则显得更加委婉。

78D  in the last/past+时间段的句子里,谓语动词要求用现在完成时,表示到目前为止的最近时间Keep sb busy doing sth表示使某人忙于,其被动语态则为be kept busy doing sth,完成体则为have been kept busy doing sth

79C   前一个动作在汤姆来看时已完成,后一个正要去做。

80D  I’ve been alone(我一直独自一人)可看出:他一直未来看我。此题容易因上文He promised而误选B

81A  be to blame是固定短语,该怨。这是一个强调句,强调主语your husbandis to be blamed,表示将要发生的事,与语义不符。

82B   It all dependsThat depends是固定用法,这都很难说,得看情况。


83D  werewasto do sth表示从过去某一时间看来将要发生的事。

84A  settle安家解时,既可用settle也可用be settled

85C  be always doing此种用法在语气上含有不满的责备。

86D  所提供的情景but I don’t know whether she has finished it表明当时她正在写这本书,当时不知道是否完成,要用过去进行时态。时间状语last year对作出正确选择起到很大的干扰作用。

87C  把钥匙忘在办公室里发生在等她丈夫回来之前,要用过去完成时。在until引导的时间状语从句中谓语动词要用一般过去时。

88B  第一句中用了have,而第二句回答No, 所以说话人近来都没有Janet的消息,而A, B, C, D都表示有她的消息,所以只能选B,表示将来进行时。

89B   stay既可作行为动词,也可作系动词。根据形容词fresh可判断出stay在这个句子里作系动词。Will后接动词原形构成一般将来时。

90A   happen to sb or sth某人或某物怎么了。在回答这种问题时,要用某人和某物作主语。

91D  见到Jimexpect成了过去,而第二句主句为过去时,故用were

92D  这是一个祈使句,要用动词原形。

93C  此题可能会误选A,前者说我好几年未见你,去哪儿了可见他已经回来,因此他去欧洲的动作已经发生过了,应用过去时来回答where have you beenA则是说我有去过欧洲的事实。

94D  for a long time常与现在完成时连用。这是很长时间以来的情况与现在进行比较。

95B  所给的情景是I don’t think Jim saw me. just的意思是恰巧。我想吉姆没有看见我;他正凝视太空。说明吉姆当时因为凝视太空没有看见我,要用过去进行时。

96A  现在进行时的被动式表示当前(说话时)正在发生的被动动作,符合题意。

97D  by the timeleave发生在get to the airport之前,要用完成时,又因为get to the airport尚未发生,所以选将来完成时。

98B  表示淋雨碰上阵雨等,用作主语时,用主动语态,动词用catch;用作主语时,则用be caught inby)结构。

99B  动词marry是非延续性动词,要用didn’t marry填写。

100D  当时间状语no sooner than+从句时,要用过去完成时。意为一……就……

101A  用现在完成时,表示在说话之前已喝过一杯茶,故现在不需要再喝了。

102C  根据all morning和时间状语从句中的谓语动词,可判断出应用一般过去时。一般过去时可用于表示过去经常或反复发生的动作。时间状语all morning说明动作的反复性,时间状语从句的谓语动词为一般过去时,说明发生在过去。

103C  根据从句谓语用过去时was,可推出主句happen是发生在从句所表示的时间内的行为。

104B  be to do sth表示职责、义务、意图、约定、可能性等。如果一个人想成功,他必须尽力而为。所以要用is to succeed的形式。

105B  此句译为:我带了我的网球用具,以防明天会有时间举行比赛。in case以防万一,后面谓语动词用虚拟,退一个时态,用一般现在时。

106C  根据前一个句子的谓语动词thought是一般过去时可判断出应选择一般过去时作为正确答案。我认为吉姆会说有关他成绩单的事,但他没说。选项A表示经常性的动作;选项D表示已经完成的动作;选项C表示发生在我认为以前的动作。

107A   时间状语recently常与现在完成时连用。We should have heard from her by now.目前我们应该收到她的信了。

108C  从语法角度看ACD都可选。但从语境看,A项运用了否定前移的手法,相当于I thought you were not going to bring me a gift,不符合说话人当时的心情。D项的意思是:我本来以为你不会送礼。人家送来的礼物,你却这样回答,岂非太不礼貌?C项用了never一词,表示我压根儿没想到你会带给我礼物,反映了说话人既惊喜又抱歉的心情,为最佳选择。

109B  问某种状态持续多长时间,应用现在完成进行时,而第二个空是指一般状态,故用一般现在时,选B

110C  虽然是昨天买的收音机,但现在到商店的目的是告诉服务员,它出了毛病,现在不能工作的,要用一般现在时。

111C  所提供的情景是I don’t really work here. 言外之意我在这儿只是暂时帮忙。just作副词有两个意思。当恰恰,刚好讲时,可以用于各种时态;当刚才讲时,常与完成时连用。

112B  的动作发生在过去。丢失玩具熊发生在的动作之前,要用过去完成时。

113D  根据副词yet可确定应用现在完成时。When and where to do sth表示单数,要用has not been decided

114C  before表示要用过去时,意为我以前从未见过他可排除BA,并根据上下文语境排除D

115B  这是一个对谓语强调的句子。时间状语the other day表示过去,要用一般过去时。

116A   be going to do表示已计划好要做某事be to dobe about to do有时意思一样,都是正要做某事(忽然另一个动作发生了)

117C  by the time后接定语从句,省略了关系副词when。要用一般现在时表示将来。

118D  这是一个祈使句。要用动词原形。